Equinox and Mabon: A Time for Balance and Harvest

Today is the Autumnal Equinox, or the astronomical date on which the hours of day and night are equal before we head into the cozy darkness of late fall and winter. Equinox is both literally and thematically a time of balance. After the growth of spring and adventure of summer it’s time to regroup and re-centre.


Balance is echoed in the fact that it is also the first day of Libra in western astrology. It’s as if the whole sky is urging us to find equilibrium in our lives. Whether this relates to how we spend our time, what we choose to eat, or inner emotional balance, now is the time to seek that change.

These two-tier necklaces are reminiscent of scales, which make them a powerful reminder of balance or an ideal gift for that quirky, sparkly Libra in your life.


As all good things come in threes, today is also Mabon, the second of the three celtic harvest festivals. Although Mabon is a more recent name for the holiday, festivities extend much further back in history. The wheat has been gathered and second harvest has begun; apples are in season, giving us pies and ciders (we recommend Merridale or Sea Cider, both from Victoria, both offering a range of delightful flavours) .



If statement pieces aren’t your thing, the Apples of Idunn necklaces with miniature Swarovskis are the perfect subtle harvest-time accent



Mabon is also a time for stocking up. As the days grow short we cozy in, we can or pickle produce, make preserves, and generally prep for winter. In ancient times it was also when plans were made for the hunts that would see the community through the winter.




Cernunnos is a stag-antlered figure from Celtic mythology, likely associated with later English folklore concerning Herne the Hunter and the Wild Hunt. These antler necklaces with Raw Quartz and Labradorite seemed worthy of the name!

As we gather in the harvest, we also let go that which we no longer need to carry with us. Sometimes we plant seeds in spring which don’t germinate properly, or we accidentally harvest a rotten apple. Now is the time to put those things to rest, as trees shed their tired leaves. It’s easier to see clearly with superfluous leaves out of the way!


See the light through clear branches!



Mabon foods to enjoy today: Apple pie, root vegetables roasted or in stew, squash-based soup or curry, teas with honey and spices, or a locally made apple cider!


Mabon colours to keep you cozy: Rich earth tones, reds, burgundy, golds and yellows, or deep forest greens. Leafy jewellery feels especially thematic, or you can rock complementary but contrasting statement pieces. To feel balanced all day throw on a favourite pair of comfortable, sexy panties and a favourite accessory or two. You’ll feel grounded and confident!


Mabon activities: For a modern Mabon we recommend curling up in your favourite warm knit, brewing some tea, and doing some journaling as the year begins to shift from the outward growth of summer to winter’s introspection.
More traditional options include lighting some beeswax candles and arranging some fruit or leaves somewhere in your home. Another option is a small libation (offering) of cider poured out to thank the trees for their fruits and to ensure bounty for years to come!


Astrid, Your Devil May Wear Stylist

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