Hot Potato Salad

As the summer nights become earlier and earlier, I have always had this amazing recipe in my back pocket for pot luck dinners with friends! Hot Potato Salad!

My mother has made this for my family since I was a child and it will always have that comforting memory for me. I love sharing those feelings with as many people as possible to bring warmth and good food into the world.

So here is my mothers recipe with an Erin flare;

Serves: 6-8 servingspotato-salad-with-roasted-red-onions-and-bacon
  • 3 pounds red potatoes
  • 8 slices of bacon, diced
  • 1 onion, diced
  • ¼ cup white vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon celery seed
  1. Boil red potatoes until fork tender, about 20 minutes. Drain and cut potatoes into wedges. Add to a large bowl for mixing.
  2. In a large skillet, add diced bacon and cook until crispy, about 5 minutes. Remove from skillet with a slotted spoon and add to potatoes.
  3. Add diced onion to skillet and cook until tender, about 3-5 minutes. Remove from skillet with a slotted spoon and add to potatoes and bacon.
  4. Combine vinegar, water, sugar, salt, pepper, and celery seed in a small bowl. Pour into skillet with the bacon drippings and cook until it thickens, about 1-2 minutes. Pour over potatoes and toss until all ingredients are well-coated. Serve warm.
Have fun with it and feel free to substitute anything you like. I sometimes add cashews or hold off on the onion and add garlic! No matter what, you really can’t go wrong with any of it!
I like to bring a big batch to pot luck dinners or at home paired with grilled chicken breast and green beans. A dry white wine it the optimal libation!
Bon Apetit!

Devil May Wear’s Super Big Awesome Sale!!!







We are having a super big awesome sale!!!


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There are so many items we are clearing out to make room for an epic fall season! If there are some items you’ve had your eye on come check it out! It’s a great opportuinity to grab some sweet hand made deal before they’re all gone!!



*Sale prices are the last price marked on the tag. All sale items, as always, are final sale, as is, no exceptions. Sale prices cannot be combined with any other offers.

The Luxury to Buy Better


We know that “eco-friendly” and “sustainable” are huge buzz words right now, but what does that even mean? Unlike with the food industry and organic or non-GMO labels, there is no standard to measure sustainable fashion. That leaves it up to each and every business to define for themselves what it means to be eco-friendly. For Devil May Wear, we are sustainable because we conduct our business locally: the owner is the designer, seamstress, and knitter; the staff are local and make the accessories; and the stores are local. That means your money stays in the BC economy AND we don’t use additional fossil fuels to ship our clothing back and forth around the world.

We all have to wear clothes (I mean; we don’t HAVE to… being naked is probably the most sustainable fashion decision, TBH). So the best we can do is choose clothes that are high quality and made with less negative impact on the environment and the people. There are SO MANY factors to consider when choosing sustainable fabrics or creating eco-friendly clothing: whether the material is sustainably sourced, made from recycled materials, how much water is used, how waste is dealt with, how workers are treated, and how long the life cycle of the clothing is. Quite frankly, there’s already a ton of textile waste in the world; so how does buying local eco-friendly clothing from Devil May Wear contribute to sustainability of fashion?

Evol. of eco bra origional copy

Devil May Wear sews with fabric from a variety of sources that are as eco-friendly as possible, so you don’t have to worry; and we focus on quality over quantity. Our styles are classic and flattering for a variety of body types. If you avoid the dryer and use non-toxic laundry soap, our clothes will last an average of three years (depending on how often you wear it and how you treat it). Simply spending a little more for quality means that overall, you pay less per wear than you would if you bought cheaply made clothing that only lasts a few wears. Our garments allow you to express your individuality without sacrificing your values. Buy less; wear less; recycle more.

For some more resources on why buying better is better all around, check these out:

The luxury to buy better: Stephanie Ostler at TEDxSFU

Why being cheap ends up costing you more:

Bridesmaids’ Tea Party Part Three: The Icing on the Cake

So you’ve chosen your colour palette and settled on food (Part One). You’ve also planned drinks and worked out some fun underwear games to play and hairstyles to try at your pre-wedding event (Part Two). Now you’re into the most fun part of planning your bachelorette, shower, or bridesmaids party! Details!

What’s for desert? How are we decorating? What are some accessories which can be party favours now, worn on the big day, and serve as mementos for years to come?

BTP cupcakes
Of course cupcakes are a classic, and for good reason! Choose your favourite cupcake or cake recipe and colour coordinate with buttercream, topped off with edible pearls, gold, glitter, or whatever candies your heart desires. If you are a more ambitious baker, try out this summery and thematic Peaches ‘n’ Cream Cupcake recipe from Java Cupcake.

What’s better than a bowl of ice cream on a hot summer afternoon? Vegan, gluten free, Paleo-friendly almond-cherry coconut ice cream! Cherry Almond Bakewell Ice Cream from Wallflower Kitchen is a gorgeous colour and an almond flake garnish ties it wonderfully back into any pink and cream palette.

BTP pink mint
For a super easy, tasty treat check out these Melt in your Mouth Mints from Domestic Contessa. Inherently gluten free with a vegan recipe adjustment included, these 4 ingredient no-bake confections are perfect to have as an extra, or to serve after dinner if a full desert is too much or too complicated to tackle!

Totally on trend and coloured however you want, Macarons are a classy, light, delicious option. If you’re interested in giving it a go, there are many beginner level recipes available (and most are gluten free!). While more complex, I am in love with the idea of these Rosewater Raspberry Macarons from FancyFoodFancy.

BTProse cookies

Gatherers, gardeners, and tea enthusiasts need to check out these Persian Rose Love Spell Cookies immediately. Other options include candied rose petals, vanilla rosewater cookies, or a basic sugar cookie with rose petals pressed into the icing.

(all food pictures sourced via Pinterest)

Jewelry makes a perfect bridesmaids’ gift. Something they can all wear on the big day and also enjoy for years to come is ideal, and there are so many options, you’ll be able to find something that fits your theme and personalities perfectly.

Linden trees are the “Tree of Lovers” in German folklore, and sapphires are associated with fidelity and honesty. This earring and necklace set (available in gold or white gold with green and pink sapphire beads) combines both resulting in the perfect romantic pairing.

Be picture perfect with our gold and white gold crochet picture frame necklaces. Gold for the bride and silver for the bridesmaids, or vice versa, both are accented by a Swarovski droplet in Grapefruit Pink.

Pearl bracelets work well for a subtle or last minute addition. If not everyone has pierced ears or if your dress neckline is not conducive to necklaces bracelets are the way to go for a little sparkle and shine.

A floral heart locket is a perfect memento. Featuring rose-printed brass and Czech crystal beads, it’s ideal for hiding a little thank you note or reference to an in joke for your wedding crew to find later!

Our “Sirin” gold dipped feather earrings are perfect for love birds. In ancient times in Russia sirins (similar to the western siren) would sing songs to the saints about future joys. In the 17th and 18th centuries the meaning shifted and they became symbols of harmony, happiness, and eternal joy.




For younger members of the family or any small flower girls, colourful keychains or cute button badges make for age appropriate favours. 



For the more playful end of adult bachelorettes, or if your wedding has a burlesque-y flair, large or glittery pasties are a lot of fun! We also have a line of frilly garters for a variety of leg sizes, with a variety of charms and beads for a unique take on a classic tradition.

Non-wearable party favours are also an option. Cute rococo picture frames with small water-colours, sketches, or photos of the couple with friends or family can be a fun take-home part of party decor or wedding day centerpieces.




Flowers are an integral part of wedding decor, and Roses and Peonies are two large, bold, classic choices with a lot of colour per bloom.




Offbeat statement blossoms such as Poppies or Orchids are often overlooked options for a unique statement. Branches or bunches from flowering trees can also add to unconventional floral arrangements. 




Cute simple shrubbery blooms are a very sweet option, while Pinks, Babies Breath, and Rhododendron bunches fill a lot of space but are common and easy to grow locally, making them both an ethical and affordable choice.




For local native-plant ideas, White Harebells and Wild Roses are good seasonal options, or go for an all natural woodland vibe by gathering Salal and Clover blossoms.


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Astrid, Your DMW Stylist

My Personal Designer

I swear that Stephanie Ostler is my very own personal designer. Every time a new top comes into the shop, I try it on and immediately I can think of at least 2-3 outfits using it along with everything else I already have! This woman is a magical unicorn wizardess

who can see into the future of fashion, and make all the things that will work together to cohesively to give you a perfect wardrobe!

The Everitt Tank Top is a beautiful 100% Rayon wide strap tank top. The width of the strap and length of the top are a great fit for all body types and ages. Sharilyn is sporting it with a pair of our Landsend shorts. Ana is comfortable and stylish pairing it with denim Capri’s.Hand washing and hang dry will ensure it will last you well into next season and beyond!

Looking fierce at Raw Fashion Show on June 8th, 2017 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – Amy Fisher
Erin, Your DMW Stylist

Bridesmaids’ Tea Party Part Two: Booty, Bubbly, and Bobbypins


Anyone who knows me (or has read Part One) knows that I will colour coordinate until the cows come home, and then I will probably try to colour coordinate the cows too. Whether for a bachelorette party, shower gifts and games, or cute undies to wear on the big day, matching or themed underpants are undeniably fun (and well deserved confidence affirmation).

While we’re at it, let’s all have matching drinks and do each other’s hair (who knows, you might come up with the ideal style for the ceremony, or you can find inspiration here with Erin’s great bridal hair post).
See below for several themes and ideas which are compatible with any of the palettes from last week, or adapt them to match your own!

J’adore Paris!

BTPfrenchcutLace, champagne, and satin flowers. Luxury as only the French know how is the name of the day. Only the classiest will do, and our french cut lace undies fit the bill! (Matching bras are available which are a godsend if you’re wearing halter-style dresses!)

Pair with Flora satin bobbypins and our pink  Mayflowers, and check out my recipe for a sparkly-sweet (and budget friendly) take on the French 77, which is in turn a take on the French 75 (champagne, gin, lemon) with elderflower added.

Most recipes use Elderflower liqueur, but this can be prohibitively expensive in quantity. I made the miraculous discovery of elderflower cordial and pop near the mixes and fancy sodas at my grocery store, and have been making various adaptations since. The drinks in the picture below are as follows:

-1 shot Gin
-2 shots Sparkling Elderflower Drink (Bottle Green brand is nice)
-3/4 cup Sparkling White Wine or Rosé
-1/2 cup Yellow Lemonade or Grapefruit Juice (though Fentman’s Rose Lemonade is also an amazing choice for the pink option)
-Sugared Rim
-Suggestion: slice strawberries lengthwise for a heart shaped garnish.

Ooh La Lola

BTPlolaThe land of super-sexy bridal lingerie is full of padding, boning, underwire, and fabrics which may or may not breathe! Hardly our idea of wedded bliss. Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be this way! Our Lola line is made from bamboo, and features cheeky peekaboo sheer nylon panels on the bum (and the cups of the matching bras). Super soft, super breathable, and super seductive!
Pair with our Fand floral fascinators and a classic glass of wine (white or rosé) for a vintage-inspired temptress vibe.

Edwardian Teahouse

BTPbloomersBreak out the matching china, a lace edged tablecloth, and great great grandmother’s sun hat! Modernize the Downton Abbey era garden party with our cute and scandalous frilly-bum bloomer-style panties, flower bobby pins in “cherry”, and button hairpins in the “Jane Austen” colour way.



Tea is a great alcohol free option for an all ages party, though a fun idea for those who do wish to partake is to serve mix in teapots and spirits in creamers and sugar bowls.
Pink and white tea suggestions include white tea, peach tea, floral teas, raspberry tea, or strawberry tea.

Sweet and Simple

BTPbikiniIf fuss and frills aren’t your style, stay comfy and cute in our bamboo blend bikini cut, here pictured in White and Cotton Candy. Organza floral bobbypins are an unobtrusive accent to a simple hairstyle, and are totally wearable after the event.

BTPjuiceHave a relaxing sunny day on the deck with lemonade, grapefruit juice, or sodas. Garnish with berries, cucumber, or citrus.

Think Outside the Box(ers)

BTPboxersWho says fun undies are only for the traditional fem-folk? If you have bridesmen, nonbinary members of the bridal party, or any women who would just feel more comfortable with it, we have two shades of pink boxer briefs. Frilly bums optional.
Our mini resin flower bobby pins come in multiple peachy tones, and their sturdy pin and light overall weight help them stay put in even very short hairstyles. 


While we’re at it, why stick to standard wedding drinks? Fruity mixed cocktails and wine are all very well, but we are blessed to live in one of the best craft beer regions in the world. Here pictured are Tinwhistle Peach Cream Ale and Phillips Raspberry Wheat Ale. 33 Acres of Sunshine is also a less-fruity option for a pale-coloured beer for the purists. 



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Astrid, Your DMW Stylist

Rocking it at RAW Vancouver 2017



This was such a fantastic night! Thank you to everyone who made it possible! Thank you to our models, our hair and make up team (albeit small), our photographers, the whole RAW team who put on the show, the guests, the performers, everyone! What a fantastic night! Here’s just some of the highlights. I’ll be sharing these photos for months to come! They are so great!!

Keep an eye out on instagram @devilmaywear for more!



Amy Fischer
Amy Fischer
Amy Fischer
Amy Fischer
Amy Fischer
Amy Fischer


Evan Chen Photography
Evan Chen Photography
Evan Chen Photography













Evan Chen Photography
Evan Chen Photography
Mike Wu
Mike Wu
Mike Wu
Mike Wu

Bridesmaids’ Tea Party Part One: Setting the Stage

Whether you’re seeking the finishing touches for this year, or pondering inspiration for next year, no matter when your wedding is it’s never a bad time to talk about colour!
If you’re planning an afternoon bridesmaid’s tea party, a wild bachelorette, or a family-friendly-yet-sassy shower event, coordinating everything can seem daunting and expensive, we are here to help.

Of course, the main secret is you don’t have to do all of these things, and they absolutely don’t all need to be coordinated. However, colour coordination is FUN and figuring out things that can carry over from pre-wedding events to the ceremony and into the reception can save time, money, and energy. It also cuts down on waste, which is a big plus for pulling off a sustainable wedding.

This season I am totally in love with our new Matilda Tea Party dress, so I’ve decided to base the colour palettes for this post around those. Perhaps you’ll fall for one of these combos and you’ll be all set to go, or you can simply take some of the inspiration and swap out the colours to suit your own.

BTPbride1      BTPmaid1
The Matilda dress is made of a floral jacquard and features a  flattering empire waistline seam, as well as elongating princess seams and an a-line flare. A wide scoop neck and 1 ½” straps make this dress a flattering shape on most figures, which your bridesmaids will thank you for!
If you live in B.C. or a similar climate you know that unpredictable weather is the spice of life. Our shrugs, wraps, boleros, and little jackets are the perfect addition for a cooler day or an evening reception. Keep everyone cozy and in style!


Pale Gold, Peony Pink, and Forest Green:
Classic and luscious, this palette is a wonderful option for either a formal affair or a casually styled celebration against the backdrop of our spectacular Pacific North West. Forest Green is very on-trend this year. This makes accessory and decor sourcing easier, and your bridesmaids will be ecstatic it’s not coral again. It’s also a very comfortable option for more traditional grooms and groomsmen.

Sustainability Hint: Ethically wild-gathered greenery such as Salal or Evergreen branches can flesh out bouquets, spruce up tables, accent hairstyles, and cover that weird spot on the venue wall. They’re free, local, and grown without pesticides or questionable labour practices. They last well as cut stems, but also compost easily after the event.

BTPmint.jpgVanilla, Strawberry, and Mint:
Aside from being the best ice cream flavours short of chocolate, this palette scratches the pastel itch without looking like Easter leftovers. You also have a warm, a cool, and a neutral to work with, so no one will be stuck with something that washes them out.
This dreamy feminine palette leaves you with a million options for flowers, and coordinates easily with food and drinks! (Raspberry mojitos, anyone?)

BTPsilverChampagne, Rosé, and Silver Grey:
This high-end palette is ideal for a formally styled event, but can dress down as well. Pale greys and pinks are a gorgeous late spring/early summer combo, with many seasonal blooms cooperating well. Pussywillows, Dusty Miller, and White Sage are all wonderful silver options for your floral arrangements, and silver is a very easy find for colour of accessories. A touch of charcoal here and there can help root the whole look.

BTPseafoam.jpgAntique Pearl, Sunset Pink, and Seafoam:
If you’re planning a beach wedding or even if you just want to be a mermaid princess on your big day, the world is your oyster with this palette. Seafoam is flattering on every skin tone and is very on-trend, like a summery version of teal!
(not to mention it goes perfectly with our fabulous “I Do” hot shorts)

Not only is this palette completely gorgeous, it has so many options for sustainability.

Here are some of my recommendations:
– Sun bleached driftwood and beach pebble bases for decor and centerpieces.
– Spend a romantic afternoon with the pearl of your life looking for seashells to add! (Oyster shells have a lovely pearlescent interior, whereas some clams and cockles have gorgeous pink sunset tones. Just be sure the critter is done with the shell!)
– Secondhand imitation pearl beads are plentiful at your local vintage or thrift store, and these can be reworked into accessories, strung into hairstyles, or used to add interest to flower vases.
– Natural, free options if you plan on a sand ceremony.  

BTPmochaCream, Blush, and Mocha:
Blushes, peaches, and nudes are gracing the collections of many designers and makeup artists this season. It’s like a feminine take on earth tones and I love it. This palette is ideal for any location with lots of natural wood, so it’s great for countryside weddings. Natural and nude-look makeup also goes well with this, so if you prefer to be a bare-faced babe this is the one for you!


Neapolitan ice cream! Chocolate-dipped strawberries with whipped cream! Have fun with it. Delicious, delicious fun.

Now that you’ve looked at all those mouthwatering shades, what to eat? Why is dessert the most easy thing to colour coordinate? Here are some ideas for healthy and savory foods to serve at your tea party or shower which mesh well with the pink and cream overall theme.
-Summer borscht (recipe here).
-Salmon + cream cheese on baguettes (or salmon on rice for a dairy and gluten free option)
-Fruits and berries. Apples, pears, dragon fruit, strawberries, raspberries, grapefruit, and huckleberreis are all great options. Serve with whipped cream, sweet cream cheese dip, or yogurt.
-Veggies are a little harder to find in pink, but cauliflower, radishes, and mushrooms can form the basis of a dip platter, with others added based on your colour palette. White dips can also be dyed pink with beet juice.
-Patés and assorted lunch meats are a good source of pink and white protein, and are super low effort for how good they look.

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Warmer Weather is on the Way…. but it’s Still Chilly!

photo by amy fischer

As the sun starts coming out more often and the days get longer it is starting to warm up. But the bad news is we still live in the northern hemisphere and it’s still chilly! When you’re not lucky enough to have the golden sun shining right on your skin or as we go into the evening we still need to be packing the heat!

Every summer I get desperate customers eagerly searching for spring and summer sweaters to pair with their new floral prints or their bright and happy colors and so we like to keep stocked on hand knit woolens and lighter weight pullovers right through into fall.


Here are some fun ways to stay warm and still show off your new summer wardrobe.









Shrugs are a great way to have a little extra layer in case the clouds roll in. They are feminine and flirty and are perfect for showing off your favorite dress and best of all they fit in your purse. So keep one on hand for when you need an extra layer out of the blue.


Short sleeved sweaters:











Rock the short sleeve sweaters in retro style with the new favorite high waist jean of the season. Like shrugs they also pack smaller than your regular sweater but they give that extra layer for warmth while still looking summery. I love this 70’s look.



Triangle Scarves:


You really can’t go wrong with a classic triangle scarf. Wear this piece all year round! And it’s not only for a cool, casual look, the right scarf is the perfect finishing touch for your sophisticated wedding attire. Roll it up and around your neck for some sun on your shoulders or spread it out and wrap it around to keep warm and cozy all day and night.











Cardigans are one of my favorite pieces of clothing all year round. Usually you’ll catch me wearing one over another sweater, under another sweater come winter time but in the summer I love them as an outer layer in the spring and summer for the obvious reason that you can wear them open or button them up against the breeze. My favorite look is butting the top button and leaving the rest open for a rather 50’s look.


Photos by Amy Fischer and Stephanie Ostler


We Really Do Have the Best Team!

It’s really rewarding working with people who are so enthusiastic, committed and caring. One of my staff recently shared this on Facebook and it made my heart melt!



“It’s really good working for a company I approve of on the making-end, but it’s even better hearing from a random stranger about the difference you and your coworkers can make in a person’s life.
Got chatting to a lady on the bus this evening, we were both on the way home, we both work in clothing stores, ect, but then when i mentioned I work at Devil May Wear she LIT UP and said “Oh i know devil may wear! They really helped my neice! oh maybe it was you! A young woman there taught her all about the fit and proportion that works for her specifically, are you the manager?” And I said no that’s Erin Gravelle and yes she knows a lot about styling and is a great teacher and she said her neice loves us and feels more comfortable and confident with her body/clothes now.
It was a really great reminder that i dont just “work in a clothing store” but that I do take pride in my job and have the privilege of working with an amazing team of people! “


Erin Gravelle, Astrid Jackson