Rocking it at RAW Vancouver 2017



This was such a fantastic night! Thank you to everyone who made it possible! Thank you to our models, our hair and make up team (albeit small), our photographers, the whole RAW team who put on the show, the guests, the performers, everyone! What a fantastic night! Here’s just some of the highlights. I’ll be sharing these photos for months to come! They are so great!!

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Amy Fischer
Amy Fischer
Amy Fischer
Amy Fischer
Amy Fischer
Amy Fischer


Evan Chen Photography
Evan Chen Photography
Evan Chen Photography













Evan Chen Photography
Evan Chen Photography
Mike Wu
Mike Wu
Mike Wu
Mike Wu

Bridesmaids’ Tea Party Part One: Setting the Stage

Whether you’re seeking the finishing touches for this year, or pondering inspiration for next year, no matter when your wedding is it’s never a bad time to talk about colour!
If you’re planning an afternoon bridesmaid’s tea party, a wild bachelorette, or a family-friendly-yet-sassy shower event, coordinating everything can seem daunting and expensive, we are here to help.

Of course, the main secret is you don’t have to do all of these things, and they absolutely don’t all need to be coordinated. However, colour coordination is FUN and figuring out things that can carry over from pre-wedding events to the ceremony and into the reception can save time, money, and energy. It also cuts down on waste, which is a big plus for pulling off a sustainable wedding.

This season I am totally in love with our new Matilda Tea Party dress, so I’ve decided to base the colour palettes for this post around those. Perhaps you’ll fall for one of these combos and you’ll be all set to go, or you can simply take some of the inspiration and swap out the colours to suit your own.

BTPbride1      BTPmaid1
The Matilda dress is made of a floral jacquard and features a  flattering empire waistline seam, as well as elongating princess seams and an a-line flare. A wide scoop neck and 1 ½” straps make this dress a flattering shape on most figures, which your bridesmaids will thank you for!
If you live in B.C. or a similar climate you know that unpredictable weather is the spice of life. Our shrugs, wraps, boleros, and little jackets are the perfect addition for a cooler day or an evening reception. Keep everyone cozy and in style!


Pale Gold, Peony Pink, and Forest Green:
Classic and luscious, this palette is a wonderful option for either a formal affair or a casually styled celebration against the backdrop of our spectacular Pacific North West. Forest Green is very on-trend this year. This makes accessory and decor sourcing easier, and your bridesmaids will be ecstatic it’s not coral again. It’s also a very comfortable option for more traditional grooms and groomsmen.

Sustainability Hint: Ethically wild-gathered greenery such as Salal or Evergreen branches can flesh out bouquets, spruce up tables, accent hairstyles, and cover that weird spot on the venue wall. They’re free, local, and grown without pesticides or questionable labour practices. They last well as cut stems, but also compost easily after the event.

BTPmint.jpgVanilla, Strawberry, and Mint:
Aside from being the best ice cream flavours short of chocolate, this palette scratches the pastel itch without looking like Easter leftovers. You also have a warm, a cool, and a neutral to work with, so no one will be stuck with something that washes them out.
This dreamy feminine palette leaves you with a million options for flowers, and coordinates easily with food and drinks! (Raspberry mojitos, anyone?)

BTPsilverChampagne, Rosé, and Silver Grey:
This high-end palette is ideal for a formally styled event, but can dress down as well. Pale greys and pinks are a gorgeous late spring/early summer combo, with many seasonal blooms cooperating well. Pussywillows, Dusty Miller, and White Sage are all wonderful silver options for your floral arrangements, and silver is a very easy find for colour of accessories. A touch of charcoal here and there can help root the whole look.

BTPseafoam.jpgAntique Pearl, Sunset Pink, and Seafoam:
If you’re planning a beach wedding or even if you just want to be a mermaid princess on your big day, the world is your oyster with this palette. Seafoam is flattering on every skin tone and is very on-trend, like a summery version of teal!
(not to mention it goes perfectly with our fabulous “I Do” hot shorts)

Not only is this palette completely gorgeous, it has so many options for sustainability.

Here are some of my recommendations:
– Sun bleached driftwood and beach pebble bases for decor and centerpieces.
– Spend a romantic afternoon with the pearl of your life looking for seashells to add! (Oyster shells have a lovely pearlescent interior, whereas some clams and cockles have gorgeous pink sunset tones. Just be sure the critter is done with the shell!)
– Secondhand imitation pearl beads are plentiful at your local vintage or thrift store, and these can be reworked into accessories, strung into hairstyles, or used to add interest to flower vases.
– Natural, free options if you plan on a sand ceremony.  

BTPmochaCream, Blush, and Mocha:
Blushes, peaches, and nudes are gracing the collections of many designers and makeup artists this season. It’s like a feminine take on earth tones and I love it. This palette is ideal for any location with lots of natural wood, so it’s great for countryside weddings. Natural and nude-look makeup also goes well with this, so if you prefer to be a bare-faced babe this is the one for you!


Neapolitan ice cream! Chocolate-dipped strawberries with whipped cream! Have fun with it. Delicious, delicious fun.

Now that you’ve looked at all those mouthwatering shades, what to eat? Why is dessert the most easy thing to colour coordinate? Here are some ideas for healthy and savory foods to serve at your tea party or shower which mesh well with the pink and cream overall theme.
-Summer borscht (recipe here).
-Salmon + cream cheese on baguettes (or salmon on rice for a dairy and gluten free option)
-Fruits and berries. Apples, pears, dragon fruit, strawberries, raspberries, grapefruit, and huckleberreis are all great options. Serve with whipped cream, sweet cream cheese dip, or yogurt.
-Veggies are a little harder to find in pink, but cauliflower, radishes, and mushrooms can form the basis of a dip platter, with others added based on your colour palette. White dips can also be dyed pink with beet juice.
-Patés and assorted lunch meats are a good source of pink and white protein, and are super low effort for how good they look.

Astrid blog sign off
Astrid, Your Devil May Wear Stylist


Warmer Weather is on the Way…. but it’s Still Chilly!

photo by amy fischer

As the sun starts coming out more often and the days get longer it is starting to warm up. But the bad news is we still live in the northern hemisphere and it’s still chilly! When you’re not lucky enough to have the golden sun shining right on your skin or as we go into the evening we still need to be packing the heat!

Every summer I get desperate customers eagerly searching for spring and summer sweaters to pair with their new floral prints or their bright and happy colors and so we like to keep stocked on hand knit woolens and lighter weight pullovers right through into fall.


Here are some fun ways to stay warm and still show off your new summer wardrobe.









Shrugs are a great way to have a little extra layer in case the clouds roll in. They are feminine and flirty and are perfect for showing off your favorite dress and best of all they fit in your purse. So keep one on hand for when you need an extra layer out of the blue.


Short sleeved sweaters:











Rock the short sleeve sweaters in retro style with the new favorite high waist jean of the season. Like shrugs they also pack smaller than your regular sweater but they give that extra layer for warmth while still looking summery. I love this 70’s look.



Triangle Scarves:


You really can’t go wrong with a classic triangle scarf. Wear this piece all year round! And it’s not only for a cool, casual look, the right scarf is the perfect finishing touch for your sophisticated wedding attire. Roll it up and around your neck for some sun on your shoulders or spread it out and wrap it around to keep warm and cozy all day and night.











Cardigans are one of my favorite pieces of clothing all year round. Usually you’ll catch me wearing one over another sweater, under another sweater come winter time but in the summer I love them as an outer layer in the spring and summer for the obvious reason that you can wear them open or button them up against the breeze. My favorite look is butting the top button and leaving the rest open for a rather 50’s look.


Photos by Amy Fischer and Stephanie Ostler


We Really Do Have the Best Team!

It’s really rewarding working with people who are so enthusiastic, committed and caring. One of my staff recently shared this on Facebook and it made my heart melt!



“It’s really good working for a company I approve of on the making-end, but it’s even better hearing from a random stranger about the difference you and your coworkers can make in a person’s life.
Got chatting to a lady on the bus this evening, we were both on the way home, we both work in clothing stores, ect, but then when i mentioned I work at Devil May Wear she LIT UP and said “Oh i know devil may wear! They really helped my neice! oh maybe it was you! A young woman there taught her all about the fit and proportion that works for her specifically, are you the manager?” And I said no that’s Erin Gravelle and yes she knows a lot about styling and is a great teacher and she said her neice loves us and feels more comfortable and confident with her body/clothes now.
It was a really great reminder that i dont just “work in a clothing store” but that I do take pride in my job and have the privilege of working with an amazing team of people! “


Erin Gravelle, Astrid Jackson

Femmes Night Out!! What you missed!!

Last night Erin Gravelle (of DMW styling fame), Jocelyn Peirce (of doing everything fame) and The Gallery of BC Ceramics hosted Femmes Night Out featuring amazing ceramics by David Robinson, Amy Chang, Heather Lippold, Diane Espiritu, Anyuta Gusakova, and Amelia Butcher with an epic Braid Bar, Nail Bar and fantastically named cocktails of course. I don’t think there was a person in sight by the end of the night who didn’t have a french or dutch braid. And thanks to everyone I didn’t mention who worked hard to put this on! Seriously, you guys are amazing! This event was definitely one of my top five of the year! Follow Devil May Wear and The Gallery of BC ceramics and don’t miss out on future events!


Time for a Little Change!


This July will be our 4 year anniversary as part of the Fan Tan Alley family and we’re celebrating in a weird way… With a closing sale! The past four years in Fan Tan Alley have been wonderful! We have worked with amazing people, socialized with fantastic neighbors and made tons of new friends.









It seems like yesterday we were setting that little store up. It was our first experience having a second location and it was a great time! When I visited to bring new stock and check up I loved taking the ferry to work, for the most part, I called it my yacht to work. And it was a tough decision because we love that little location so much. The alley is a really special and unique place and it felt like such an honor to be a part of it but we have decided for the sake of doing bigger and more exciting things we needed to make the hard choice. Amongst our priorities are relaunching the online store which will feature nearly every product we carry in our stores, focusing on our Granville Island and Main Street locations to give our customers a more interactive and lively experience, and maybe to bring Devil May Wear to new cities and neighborhoods. We’re growing up and sometimes the growing pains are tough.





There’s going to be a lot of packing up and moving things back to Vancouver to do at the end of this journey and so we are offering a fantastic sale on EVERYTHING in the store!!!

Starting June 23rd – July 13: 20% off of all regular priced items and an additional 10% off of all marked down items. **This includes underwear, tights and jewelry, three things you’ll rarely see us put on sale if ever! During this time all sales are totally final, we will not be punching discounted underwear on punch cards, there will be no gift certificates for sale, and we won’t be transferring any stock from Vancouver to Victoria except for full price. If you have gift certificates or full underwear punch cards we will be redeeming them but don’t worry! We will be accepting them as always in our Vancouver locations without interruption. The sale is exclusive of all other sales and discounts. This sale is only available in store in Victoria and not in any of our other locations, online or by telephone. This sale is for the purpose of moving less stock from Victoria to Vancouver and there will be no exceptions to that. **


Then July 13th until our LAST DAY on July 23rd: 30% off of all regular priced items and an additional 20% off of all marked down items. **With all the above restrictions**

Don’t worry! We’re not going anywhere! We’re still making fabulous lingerie, adorable dresses, luxurious linens and vibrant hand knits as always and hopefully only improving our provisions with more focus!











If you have any questions about this sale or would like to inquire further, please get in touch with us by emailing

It’s been a pleasure Victoria! Till we meet again!


RAW 2017 – Verse

RAW Vancouver presents VERSE

When: Thursday Thursday June 08th, 20177pm – 1am
Tickets:  $20 Online $25 at door
Where:   Harbour Event Centre (750 Pacific BLVD)







RAW Vancouver is pleased to announce VERSE!  An interactive evening of everything art!  40+ participating local artists in Music, Fashion, Accessory Design, Visual Art, Film, Makeup and Photography!





You will have the unique chance to meet the artists and purchase works directly from them!  All the while sipping on a glass of wine and watching the action happening on the stage.  

ONLINE TICKETS available!  Purchase now and save $5! 

Sheepskin Tanning with Bea; Part 1

In early April, I did the first of a two-part tanning workshop led by Meg Cur of Crow’s Nest Wildcraft. I am interested in learning how to tan because leather is such a beautiful material to work with. I wanted to learn the skills to process hides into leather as both a reclaiming of primitive skills and a way to physically explore the idea of a Fibershed .

Meg Cur of Crow’s Nest Wildcraft shows off her tanned trout skin.

On a private property on Vancouver Island, we spent the weekend working with and preparing sheepskin hides for tanning with the wool on. Their were 10 folks there, all from very different walks of life and all very interesting! I was pleased to discover that two of the other participants were also fabric artists. Our intention was to have the tanning process half way completed by the end of the weekend, but the weather disagreed with us. Tanning is highly weather-dependent: the hides must be dry in order to tan, and if it’s raining they are so hydrophilic (water-loving) that they absorb moisture from the air. At the end of the second day, the hides still weren’t dry; so, we left them inside over 2 week to dry before our second weekend together. Unfortunately the second part had to be rescheduled due to poor weather!

We’ll be doing the second part in July — watch for updates of the finished process!

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Updos for saying I Do!

It’s that time of year when the flowers are blooming and the sun shines more frequently than rainy days. It’s all magical and fresh out there. The perfect time for a wedding! To be prepared, I have enlisted the help of some amazing friends to model for me to create some romantic up do’s for the attentive and ready for anything bridesmaids in your bridal party.

My goal was to be simple, elegant, and to do these looks with as little hairspray as possible. We all have very different hair textures, lengths and colours. Using the amazing hair accessories from Devil May Wear, they really do take your hair to that next level.

Hair do feature image
Swans on the Lake hair pins (x3 in each look) Brass with Beads. Wire wrapped. $12 each. Irina, Alexis, Carol, and I have very different hair, but this simple braided look is perfect of all types! Especially if you want all of your bridesmaids to have the same look.

Alexis is sporting the ever elegant and classic French Twist with the Caesar Laurel on Brass Comb accessories. She has a short bob hair style that makes this look effortless to create. The combs are $22 each.

Carol has very long and thick hair, so a wrapped, braided bun updo suited her gorgeous natural features. To get that next level look I added the Desert Rose Bronze twisted bobby pin made with Swarovski crystal and yellow turquoise stone on a brass pin, $9.50, along with the Wanda twisted bobby pin made with a Swarovski pearl and crystal, $8.50.

I created this elegant low side bun look on myself using the glamorous Flora Floral bobby pin x3. I have thick smooth hair, so by leaving my hair in a braid the full day and night before, the soft waves make this look crazy easy to do. Done in 5 minutes! These pins are made with a recycled satin layered flower and a rhinestone cabochon centre on a silver plated bobby pin, $14 each.

Our stunning Irina is suited so perfectly for this 60’s inspired half up beehive look. With thick darker hair, the May Flower sets x3 were the exact thing to add to this magical look. May flowers come in sets of 2 for $12 each. Made with vintage flowers, Swarovski crystal centres on a silver plated bobby pin.

Have fun with accessories this season for your own updos or for that special day where these beautiful hairstyles will keep your bridesmaids happy and comfortable all day and night!

If you have any questions about how I created these looks, check out all of them by searching on Youtube! The “easy hair styles” tutorials are very easy to follow and create on yourself or add to the portfolio of inspiration!


Why bother?



I just had an interesting conversation with a few customers; talking about educating people on purchases, buying quality and taking care of their garments. It went in a direction briefly this subject rarely goes in with clients where I said,

“I am in a difficult situation trying to pay rent in Vancouver. But when a customer is unsure of a purchase the only ethical thing I can say is, ‘ maybe you should think about it.’ because my investment into running a company isn’t about putting dollars in the bank , it’s an investment into the future of the planet we live on and the communities we engage in. I just think that’s so much more important. And when I am no longer investing in that there’s no longer a reason, I feel, for me to run this business.”

And now I just feel a big YESSSS! inside and wanted to share with everyone. It may not be a wealthy business decision but it’s the only one I can abide personally.

Thank you to everyone who really cares! It takes baby steps but all the money in the bank won’t buy one happiness when there is no livable planet on which to spend ones wealth. Keep the world beautiful, livable and lovable!


xo- Stephanie (owner)