Something Casual for this Vancouver Summer!

Boy oh boy this season has gotten away from us! Being so busy has it’s plus’ for sure! Especially the new items we have in the shop for the summer season!!

Here is what is in store for our laid back Vancouver peeps!

erin in the lani tank coral.jpg



The Lani A-Line Tank


The Lani Tank is a full tank shoulder for hiding bra straps and keeping it professional yet casual. The A-line fit is perfect for tucking in a bit or leaving out with any type of bottom. Perfect with a jean jacket or suit jacket, it can go from day to night and from casual to professional in a quick sec!


Rings of Saturn V Neck T-Shirt

Jess #2
Jessica in the Dusty Blue
Cheryl rings of saturn top black
Cheryl in the Black


One of our recently, made in Egypt, pieces, we have screen printed another of our friend Raven Morigeau’s art work on the bottom hip of the top. It depicts a woman with flowing hair in the water watching the sunset of Saturn and its rings. Available in Black, Navy and Dusty Blue.





Vancouver Paradise Scoop T-shirt

Cheryl vancouver paradise scoop olive

Made with our amazing Rayon Bamboo and Cotton Blend, this Vancouver graphic Tee is perfect for the casual summer months. It is great in this Olive Green with seafoam print on Cheryl, and is also available in black with a white print. Denim jackets and bomber jackets, here I come!

Erin new sign off Blogs

Keep up with the haps on our Instagram and facebook for more new items arriving weekly!!


Erin Gravelle, Your Devil May Wear Lead Stylist


Granville Island Fashion Show 2018

It was an incomparable night to be on Granville Island, Thursday April 26th. Performance Works was a buzz with fashionistas ready for the catwalk. It was an amazing experience to be a part of this extraordinary fashion community for the first fashion show Granville Island had hosted in a very long time. With approximately 20 businesses in collaboration, all those in attendance got a perfect image of what is offered on this, our Fashion Hub of Granville Island.

The MC’s were myself, Erin Gravelle and the current Mr. Granville Island, Nick Turcan.

The live musicians were spectacular buskers from our community as well. Thank you to Shawn Bullshields and Les Finnigan for outstanding performances!

The models were all people who work, and play in our community. Sporting this kind of  diversity is so important to showcase that our fashions work for all types of bodies, ages and lifestyles. It was she show’s biggest compliment!


Thank you to the Granville Island Business and Community Association for putting on this magical event! We will see you all there next season!


A Top to Frolic In

Vancouver has been waking up to blue skies and If you’re like me you think that’s a marvelous thing and darn is it ever time to celebrate!

We made it through the winter!

As the weather turns warmer but it’s not quite the heat of summer and the mornings are still breezy (which is always my favourite) I always feel a lightness of being, a very welcome scrumptiously carefree attitude take hold of me. I feel like this time of year everything tastes better, looks better, feels better, and I want to frolic.

I want to frolic in clothes that show off that delightful carefree energy and do nothing to hide it! If you’re like me, you’re probably in need of a fun easy and breezy piece for spring frolicking and Devil May Wear has just the thing!

The Songbird top:

Soft as a spring kitten (Oh I love kittens), an easy “I woke up like this” fit, a wide open back, perfect for catching soft breezes and an original screen print design on either side of the chest, you’ll literally be wearing art, hell yes!

The original Artwork is by me: Raven!

The songbird top is available in two colour ways; a power pink and a heather grey. These are such great versatile tops, you might as well get them in both colours, in fact I recommend it.


Lets talk styling:

Work – wear it under a fitted blazer for lively spring touch at work

Date night – pair it with a pencil skirt, the looser fit of the songbird top with the curve lovin’ pencil skirt is a dynamite balance.

erin at VFW march 2018
Erin – At Vancouver Fashion Week this Spring.

 A day in the City – The Songbird top and a pair of fitted jeans, very chic!

Camille in the song bird shirt with Jeans
Camille in her bootcut jean and the song bird shirt in Grey/Green.

Seaside picnic or a casual day – pair it with some shorts (yes shorts weather!) or wear it with wider leg boyfriend jeans and maybe tie a scarf in your hair!

 Happy frolicking lovely people!

Raven, Your Devil May Wear Stylist

Granville Island Fix It/Clothing Swap 2018!

On Sunday April 29th, 2018, I joined forces with Frameworq, by Irina Mackenzie to put on our second annual clothing swap and fix it at the Granville Island Hotel. We had a great gang of volunteers to run the event this year. We all worked together so well at making sure the day ran smoothly and everyone was able to make a difference in the fast fashion dilemma of our generation.

As you enter the room, you sign in, weigh your clothing you are bringing to the swap and then weigh the clothing you are taking after trying on and rummaging through the treasure trove we had this season. We posted all of our weights of clothing on the Fashion Revolution wall so it was very clear what was being diverted from the landfill! All clothing at the end of the swapping day were packed up and weighed. We diverted over 800 pounds from the landfill this year! It was all donated to the Women’s Shelter of Vancouver on the downtown east end.

The organizersThe Fix It portion was a buzz with almost twice as many people as last year. There was all levels of sewing experience there with two of us as volunteers being the sewing experts!

Sewing advice with Erin

Sewing all together

My favourite part of the day was when I helped a young girl pick out some clothing to take home, and one things that she really loved had a damage. It was a perfect example of how to make something truly your own with mending it. She did great at the sewing machine as I showed her what to do. Now she feels inspired to get her own sewing machine and learn to sew for herself! That is the best!

Another great turn out this year, and It will keep growing every year we hold it!

Thank you to the Granville Island Hotel and to the Granville Island Business and Community Association for the approval of the Mini Grant and the Space to hold the event!

Till Next Year!

Erin, Your Devil May Wear Stylist
Erin, Your Devil May Wear Stylist

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Today is a day to talk about all the ways we can help the Earth, but it’s also a great day to celebrate the natural wonder we are all fighting to protect.
The natural world is such a beautiful source of inspiration, from colour to shape to texture, as well as a wonderful source of materials from fibers to gemstones.
Comment and let us know what in nature most inspires you, where your favourite place to spend a day in the wilderness is, or your most cherished outdoor memory!


Some of our many natrure-inspired pieces.
Mary Chalcedony Necklace in “Northern Lights” ($75)
Louise Amazonite Necklace in “Grassi Lakes” ($58)
Sherise Sapphire Necklace in “Glacier” ($86)
Douglas Earrings, Silver plated Cedar with Herkimer Diamonds ($69)
Light Through The Branches Necklace with a smokey Swarovski ($54)

The Serena Cropped Sweater

As soon as the soft pink cherry blossoms flock the streets of Vancouver, I know Spring is just around the corner! With spring comes a touch more warmth and in turn being able to leave the house with a few less layers.

One of our latest items to spring into stores is the Serena cropped sweater. Knitted from a cotton and rayon yarn blend, this sweater has a lightweight and luxurious feel perfect for the change in weather. The cream tone is a great neutral to move away from the heavier grey tones and masses of black clothing that we tend to cling to in the winter. The ever so slight bell sleeve adds a flirty, feminine feel to any look.


I believe a good cropped sweater can be a staple in any wardrobe. If you are unfamiliar with this higher hemline, that can feel a little daring for some, here are just a few of the ways I’ve learned to style cropped sweaters:

Pair it with a printed skirt

A printed skirt is a great way to draw attention to another part of your outfit aside from the bold choice of a cropped sweater. Play up the spring vibes by throwing on your favorite denim jacket!


Accentuate your curves in a fitted dress

A cropped sweater over a fitted dress will emphasize curves and draw attention to a cinched waist. Take this look from day to night with some elegant jewelry and your favorite heels.

Show some skin off in highwaist pants

High waisted pants and a cropped sweater are a style no-brainer. To draw even more attention to the waist, add on a bold belt or opt for a cropped jacket or vest as an additional layer.

Flow freely in a shift dress

Shift dresses are a great way to show off your legs and a cropped sweater tucked overtop adds dimension to an otherwise simple look. A platform heel and some thigh highs will elongate legs even further and make this a total power fit! IMG_5331

Let us know which look is your favorite or send us a picture of your favorite cropped sweater styles!

Sarah, your Devil May Wear Stylist


A History of Lingerie! Stockings Through the Seasons

I’m sure many of you can vouch from experience, not all stockings are created equal. We’ve all had that one pair of tights that ripped as soon as our foot slid into the thin, meshy fabric. Luckily, nowadays there are many manufacturers of stockings, tights, and thigh highs (hey, like us!) that you can rely on for more than one use. Here’s a look at just how the modern day stockings came to be!

18th/19th Century

Stockings emerged from the sock, whose earliest appearance dates back to the times of cavemen. These ancient socks would be handmade from animal furs and hides. In the 16th century, socks were often a sign of nobility. Moving on the 18th and 19th century, both nobles and townspeople alike would wear socks and/or stockings. This was not limited to women, and in fact stockings were commonplace in a man’s wardrobe. The deciding factor between sock and stocking was length, stockings being a good deal longer. Stockings made from silk and intricately embroidered by hand would be worn by nobles, as opposed to those plain and woven from cotton worn by townsfolk.

Early 1900s

The purpose of stockings for warmth, modesty, and protection stuck around into the early 1900s, especially as dresses became a great deal shorter during the Flapper era. However, at this time stockings were still made primarily out of silk which was costly and did not hold up well with wear and tear.


In 1939, the realm of stockings would be forever changed as manufacturing company Dupont made the first ever pair of nylon stockings. These did not wrinkle and were much stronger than their silk counterpart and less likely to run. Until the late 40s, stockings were made with the seam running up the back of the leg and only came in a small variety of nude shades. Unfortunately, they still had to be held up by a girdle or a garter belt.


Finally, the world would get to experience the full-leg coverage of pantyhose! The idea of combining underwear and stockings into one was conceived by Ethel Gant, initially branded as panti-legs. She made her vision a reality with the help of her husband, who was the owner of Glen Raven fabric manufacturing company. Stockings were still around but saw a decrease in popularity with the ease of use of pantyhose. Those that were still worn no longer had the seam running up the back.

Modern Day

Besides some modern advances in manufacturing techniques that allow for more comfortable and breathable fabrics, stockings have not changed much since the 60s other than that we no longer have to wear them! It is now a choice to show of some funky stockings or flaunt bare legs! Personally, I am head over heels for our bamboo blend thigh highs as they are the perfect balance of comfy and sexy (pictured below in Flint and Platinum).

And that brings us to the end of this mini-series A History of Lingerie! At Devil May Wear, we always advocate for finding the lingerie that will help you look and feel your very best! So whether that’s a metal-boned corset or a pair of our bamboo hot shorts, treat yourself to feeling amazing underneath it all.

Sarah, your Devil May Wear Stylist

A History of Lingerie! Girdle to Garter

Shape-wear has always been an important part of lingerie. What was once used to enforce “the perfect feminine silhouette” has evolved into playful, even provocative styles worn today at leisure. The girdle and the garter belt are two undergarment staples whose appearance and function has changed significantly to meet our modern day lingerie needs.


Moving away from the restrictive shape-wear of the decades prior, such as the metal boned corsets of the early 20th century,  the girdle first came about in the 1930s. Initially, it was a full body girdle with a bra, skirt, and garter straps all in one. Near the end of the 30s, it became more common to have a separate bra and girdle. The girdle was a stepping stone towards creating undergarments that were more comfortable for women, especially as this was around the time many women would be entering the workforce.


By this time, there were 3 typical styles of the girdle. A step down from the full body girdle was the full leg girdle, which covered from the waist to above the knee. This was followed by waist girdles, which look much more like a garter belt, and were intended to flatten the stomach as opposed to slim the entire figure. Lastly, as women began wearing pants, panty girdles came about which were essentially a shapely biker short with the  garter clips for stockings.

1950s + 1960s

The same styles of girdles from the 40s stuck around into the next two decades evolving only slighting in shape and material. Women were still “required” to wear stockings until the 1960s so the undergarments still served as a functional piece, as the stockings needed the garter clips to be held in place.


1970s + 1980s

The 1970s moved away from the necessity of girdles and they were transformed into the garter belt. Now that stockings were made that either had a top or could stay up without clips, garters became a fashion statement instead of a functional garment. It was no longer out of place to see intricately adorned garter belts with lace and frills.

Modern Day

Finally, to the modern day garter! From the sexy strappy cage garters to the flirtatious lace garters, today’s realm of garter belts knows no bounds with a plethora of stunning embellishments and materials to choose from. Here are two of our very own garter favorite styles!

If you want to learn a bit more about the history of lingerie check out our recent blog posts and check back in a week for the history of stockings!

Sarah, your Devil May Wear Stylist

Amethyst; The Chariot of Love

February, oh February, you’ve come once again on your glittering chariot of love.

Upon hearing February, one tends to think of Valentines day and, honestly speaking, Valentines day can be a glittering beauty mark on a cold month’s face for some, and a burlap bag of mixed emotions for others.

But, alas, there is something else February has to offer that no other month has: a luscious and wine stained gemstone – February is the month of Amethyst!

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 1.00.28 PM.png Royalty, luxury, and wine are just a few of things among amethysts rich history. Today we classify amethyst as a semi-precious gem, however this was not always the case. Up until the 19th century amethyst had a value equal to that of emerald and ruby, and has been included in royal collections from ancient Egyptian pharaohs to the British crown jewels.

JerryThomas01Let’s talk namesake: the word amethyst comes from the Greek word ‘amethystos’ which translates to ‘not drunk’. It was once thought that the gem could prevent intoxication. Although this is no longer among it’s uses, amethyst has a vast range of healing properties.

Spinal Necklace
Spinal Necklace

The Italian astronomer and astrologer, Camillo Leonardi, wrote, ‘amethyst quickens intelligence and rids us of evil thoughts’ – today, this is still very much the case. Amethyst is known to heighten intuition, clear us of negative thoughts, promote healthy communication, and help calm anxiety. Amethyst also benefits the respiratory organs and encourages healthful breathing.

Mola Studs
Mola Stud Earrings

Whether you are on the hunt for an alluring Valentines gift, engagement or promise ring, or a decadent delight for your fine self – amethyst has got your back!

 Devil May Wear has some truly exquisite amethyst pieces in store at the moment, and these are some of my very favorites:




Spriggan Leaf earrings

The Spriggan Leaf Earrings remind me of something a wood nymph would wear, and I love them for it!

Wandering Romani Necklace

The Wandering Romani Crescent Moon Necklace, perfect for a mysterious and deliciously witchy woman.

Amethyst, diamond, button necklace

The Diamond Charm necklace – because diamonds are a girls best friend.

And now for some rings:

Althia Ring

The Althia gold amethyst ring is simply decadent, and yet delightfully minimalist.

Valentina Ring

The Valentina Ring is scrumptious in every way, truly an opulent treat.

Happy month of love!

Raven, Your Devil May Wear Stylist