Thank you Vancouver for voting for us again!



It is such an honour to, again, be voted 2nd place “Best local designer-clothing store”! Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for us!


And thank you to the team I work with who makes it possible day in and day out. The passionate guys and gals who clip and press, who blog and chat, who dress you up and retail therapy all day, who come up with ideas and make things happen and especially thank you for cleaning up my crafting messes! It takes special people to go out of their way to make things as local, as sustainable, as ethical and as affordable as possible all the while keeping it cutting edge and cute and this team does it better every day.


I am also super excited about all the goodies we are getting up to. With solid moving and opening stores and studios every year for the past 6+ years we are finally settling down, though only for a bit, before our next big move, giving us time to make even more underwear than ever!

Keep it funky and fun Vancouver!


XOXO Stephanie O


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