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Back in spring 2016 we caught the attention of local photographers and videographers Pebble Studio. Thank you to their exceptional skills and our wild models (well one of the models was a camera man with some unexpected enthusiasm) they made the most incredible short doc about how the magic happens.

-2016 By Pebble studio




In 2013 our owner/lead designer, Stephanie Ostler,l was asked to give a talk for TEDxSFU. It was a great opportunity to engage a broad audience about buying better. By offering the idea that sustainability can be more fun when you strive to obtain only things you love and to make those things last, “Be willing to bring less things into your life in exchange for things with meaning,” she asks. And, although this is only one aspect of the conversation she hopes to get customers thinking about the things they buy from the prospective of ‘is this one the one?’




If you haven’t seen it you must check out this fantastic animation by Tyra Weitman and Sad Panda for Devil May Wear. It is a carefully crafted, hand drawn animation of the story of our hand made underwear because, seriously, we make it! Check it out!



Though the Devil May Wear portion of this video starts at 18:13 we loved being a part of this whole episode. And behind the scenes might have been even more fun then what they caught on camera but we are thrilled to have had the chance to share a little of what we do with Go! Vancouver. We hope you like it too.





Thanks so much to Patrick Rooney who filmed this video of our 10th anniversary fashion show with Kitty Nights at The Biltmore in 2013. It was a glamorous night of burlesque, knickers, and saucy numbers! A huge thanks to everyone involved! I truly can’t thank Burgundy Brixx and the rest of the gang enough for their involvement. Please, join us for Kitty Nights at The Biltmore as you can find us there often on such occasions!