The Luxury to Buy Better


We know that “eco-friendly” and “sustainable” are huge buzz words right now, but what does that even mean? Unlike with the food industry and organic or non-GMO labels, there is no standard to measure sustainable fashion. That leaves it up to each and every business to define for themselves what it means to be eco-friendly. For Devil May Wear, we are sustainable because we conduct our business locally: the owner is the designer, seamstress, and knitter; the staff are local and make the accessories; and the stores are local. That means your money stays in the BC economy AND we don’t use additional fossil fuels to ship our clothing back and forth around the world.

We all have to wear clothes (I mean; we don’t HAVE to… being naked is probably the most sustainable fashion decision, TBH). So the best we can do is choose clothes that are high quality and made with less negative impact on the environment and the people. There are SO MANY factors to consider when choosing sustainable fabrics or creating eco-friendly clothing: whether the material is sustainably sourced, made from recycled materials, how much water is used, how waste is dealt with, how workers are treated, and how long the life cycle of the clothing is. Quite frankly, there’s already a ton of textile waste in the world; so how does buying local eco-friendly clothing from Devil May Wear contribute to sustainability of fashion?

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Devil May Wear sews with fabric from a variety of sources that are as eco-friendly as possible, so you don’t have to worry; and we focus on quality over quantity. Our styles are classic and flattering for a variety of body types. If you avoid the dryer and use non-toxic laundry soap, our clothes will last an average of three years (depending on how often you wear it and how you treat it). Simply spending a little more for quality means that overall, you pay less per wear than you would if you bought cheaply made clothing that only lasts a few wears. Our garments allow you to express your individuality without sacrificing your values. Buy less; wear less; recycle more.

For some more resources on why buying better is better all around, check these out:

The luxury to buy better: Stephanie Ostler at TEDxSFU

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