Bridesmaids’ Tea Party Part Three: The Icing on the Cake

So you’ve chosen your colour palette and settled on food (Part One). You’ve also planned drinks and worked out some fun underwear games to play and hairstyles to try at your pre-wedding event (Part Two). Now you’re into the most fun part of planning your bachelorette, shower, or bridesmaids party! Details!

What’s for desert? How are we decorating? What are some accessories which can be party favours now, worn on the big day, and serve as mementos for years to come?

BTP cupcakes
Of course cupcakes are a classic, and for good reason! Choose your favourite cupcake or cake recipe and colour coordinate with buttercream, topped off with edible pearls, gold, glitter, or whatever candies your heart desires. If you are a more ambitious baker, try out this summery and thematic Peaches ‘n’ Cream Cupcake recipe from Java Cupcake.

What’s better than a bowl of ice cream on a hot summer afternoon? Vegan, gluten free, Paleo-friendly almond-cherry coconut ice cream! Cherry Almond Bakewell Ice Cream from Wallflower Kitchen is a gorgeous colour and an almond flake garnish ties it wonderfully back into any pink and cream palette.

BTP pink mint
For a super easy, tasty treat check out these Melt in your Mouth Mints from Domestic Contessa. Inherently gluten free with a vegan recipe adjustment included, these 4 ingredient no-bake confections are perfect to have as an extra, or to serve after dinner if a full desert is too much or too complicated to tackle!

Totally on trend and coloured however you want, Macarons are a classy, light, delicious option. If you’re interested in giving it a go, there are many beginner level recipes available (and most are gluten free!). While more complex, I am in love with the idea of these Rosewater Raspberry Macarons from FancyFoodFancy.

BTProse cookies

Gatherers, gardeners, and tea enthusiasts need to check out these Persian Rose Love Spell Cookies immediately. Other options include candied rose petals, vanilla rosewater cookies, or a basic sugar cookie with rose petals pressed into the icing.

(all food pictures sourced via Pinterest)

Jewelry makes a perfect bridesmaids’ gift. Something they can all wear on the big day and also enjoy for years to come is ideal, and there are so many options, you’ll be able to find something that fits your theme and personalities perfectly.

Linden trees are the “Tree of Lovers” in German folklore, and sapphires are associated with fidelity and honesty. This earring and necklace set (available in gold or white gold with green and pink sapphire beads) combines both resulting in the perfect romantic pairing.

Be picture perfect with our gold and white gold crochet picture frame necklaces. Gold for the bride and silver for the bridesmaids, or vice versa, both are accented by a Swarovski droplet in Grapefruit Pink.

Pearl bracelets work well for a subtle or last minute addition. If not everyone has pierced ears or if your dress neckline is not conducive to necklaces bracelets are the way to go for a little sparkle and shine.

A floral heart locket is a perfect memento. Featuring rose-printed brass and Czech crystal beads, it’s ideal for hiding a little thank you note or reference to an in joke for your wedding crew to find later!

Our “Sirin” gold dipped feather earrings are perfect for love birds. In ancient times in Russia sirins (similar to the western siren) would sing songs to the saints about future joys. In the 17th and 18th centuries the meaning shifted and they became symbols of harmony, happiness, and eternal joy.




For younger members of the family or any small flower girls, colourful keychains or cute button badges make for age appropriate favours. 



For the more playful end of adult bachelorettes, or if your wedding has a burlesque-y flair, large or glittery pasties are a lot of fun! We also have a line of frilly garters for a variety of leg sizes, with a variety of charms and beads for a unique take on a classic tradition.

Non-wearable party favours are also an option. Cute rococo picture frames with small water-colours, sketches, or photos of the couple with friends or family can be a fun take-home part of party decor or wedding day centerpieces.




Flowers are an integral part of wedding decor, and Roses and Peonies are two large, bold, classic choices with a lot of colour per bloom.




Offbeat statement blossoms such as Poppies or Orchids are often overlooked options for a unique statement. Branches or bunches from flowering trees can also add to unconventional floral arrangements. 




Cute simple shrubbery blooms are a very sweet option, while Pinks, Babies Breath, and Rhododendron bunches fill a lot of space but are common and easy to grow locally, making them both an ethical and affordable choice.




For local native-plant ideas, White Harebells and Wild Roses are good seasonal options, or go for an all natural woodland vibe by gathering Salal and Clover blossoms.


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