Bridesmaids’ Tea Party Part Two: Booty, Bubbly, and Bobbypins


Anyone who knows me (or has read Part One) knows that I will colour coordinate until the cows come home, and then I will probably try to colour coordinate the cows too. Whether for a bachelorette party, shower gifts and games, or cute undies to wear on the big day, matching or themed underpants are undeniably fun (and well deserved confidence affirmation).

While we’re at it, let’s all have matching drinks and do each other’s hair (who knows, you might come up with the ideal style for the ceremony, or you can find inspiration here with Erin’s great bridal hair post).
See below for several themes and ideas which are compatible with any of the palettes from last week, or adapt them to match your own!

J’adore Paris!

BTPfrenchcutLace, champagne, and satin flowers. Luxury as only the French know how is the name of the day. Only the classiest will do, and our french cut lace undies fit the bill! (Matching bras are available which are a godsend if you’re wearing halter-style dresses!)

Pair with Flora satin bobbypins and our pink  Mayflowers, and check out my recipe for a sparkly-sweet (and budget friendly) take on the French 77, which is in turn a take on the French 75 (champagne, gin, lemon) with elderflower added.

Most recipes use Elderflower liqueur, but this can be prohibitively expensive in quantity. I made the miraculous discovery of elderflower cordial and pop near the mixes and fancy sodas at my grocery store, and have been making various adaptations since. The drinks in the picture below are as follows:

-1 shot Gin
-2 shots Sparkling Elderflower Drink (Bottle Green brand is nice)
-3/4 cup Sparkling White Wine or Rosé
-1/2 cup Yellow Lemonade or Grapefruit Juice (though Fentman’s Rose Lemonade is also an amazing choice for the pink option)
-Sugared Rim
-Suggestion: slice strawberries lengthwise for a heart shaped garnish.

Ooh La Lola

BTPlolaThe land of super-sexy bridal lingerie is full of padding, boning, underwire, and fabrics which may or may not breathe! Hardly our idea of wedded bliss. Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be this way! Our Lola line is made from bamboo, and features cheeky peekaboo sheer nylon panels on the bum (and the cups of the matching bras). Super soft, super breathable, and super seductive!
Pair with our Fand floral fascinators and a classic glass of wine (white or rosé) for a vintage-inspired temptress vibe.

Edwardian Teahouse

BTPbloomersBreak out the matching china, a lace edged tablecloth, and great great grandmother’s sun hat! Modernize the Downton Abbey era garden party with our cute and scandalous frilly-bum bloomer-style panties, flower bobby pins in “cherry”, and button hairpins in the “Jane Austen” colour way.



Tea is a great alcohol free option for an all ages party, though a fun idea for those who do wish to partake is to serve mix in teapots and spirits in creamers and sugar bowls.
Pink and white tea suggestions include white tea, peach tea, floral teas, raspberry tea, or strawberry tea.

Sweet and Simple

BTPbikiniIf fuss and frills aren’t your style, stay comfy and cute in our bamboo blend bikini cut, here pictured in White and Cotton Candy. Organza floral bobbypins are an unobtrusive accent to a simple hairstyle, and are totally wearable after the event.

BTPjuiceHave a relaxing sunny day on the deck with lemonade, grapefruit juice, or sodas. Garnish with berries, cucumber, or citrus.

Think Outside the Box(ers)

BTPboxersWho says fun undies are only for the traditional fem-folk? If you have bridesmen, nonbinary members of the bridal party, or any women who would just feel more comfortable with it, we have two shades of pink boxer briefs. Frilly bums optional.
Our mini resin flower bobby pins come in multiple peachy tones, and their sturdy pin and light overall weight help them stay put in even very short hairstyles. 


While we’re at it, why stick to standard wedding drinks? Fruity mixed cocktails and wine are all very well, but we are blessed to live in one of the best craft beer regions in the world. Here pictured are Tinwhistle Peach Cream Ale and Phillips Raspberry Wheat Ale. 33 Acres of Sunshine is also a less-fruity option for a pale-coloured beer for the purists. 



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