Warmer Weather is on the Way…. but it’s Still Chilly!

photo by amy fischer

As the sun starts coming out more often and the days get longer it is starting to warm up. But the bad news is we still live in the northern hemisphere and it’s still chilly! When you’re not lucky enough to have the golden sun shining right on your skin or as we go into the evening we still need to be packing the heat!

Every summer I get desperate customers eagerly searching for spring and summer sweaters to pair with their new floral prints or their bright and happy colors and so we like to keep stocked on hand knit woolens and lighter weight pullovers right through into fall.


Here are some fun ways to stay warm and still show off your new summer wardrobe.









Shrugs are a great way to have a little extra layer in case the clouds roll in. They are feminine and flirty and are perfect for showing off your favorite dress and best of all they fit in your purse. So keep one on hand for when you need an extra layer out of the blue.


Short sleeved sweaters:











Rock the short sleeve sweaters in retro style with the new favorite high waist jean of the season. Like shrugs they also pack smaller than your regular sweater but they give that extra layer for warmth while still looking summery. I love this 70’s look.



Triangle Scarves:


You really can’t go wrong with a classic triangle scarf. Wear this piece all year round! And it’s not only for a cool, casual look, the right scarf is the perfect finishing touch for your sophisticated wedding attire. Roll it up and around your neck for some sun on your shoulders or spread it out and wrap it around to keep warm and cozy all day and night.











Cardigans are one of my favorite pieces of clothing all year round. Usually you’ll catch me wearing one over another sweater, under another sweater come winter time but in the summer I love them as an outer layer in the spring and summer for the obvious reason that you can wear them open or button them up against the breeze. My favorite look is butting the top button and leaving the rest open for a rather 50’s look.


Photos by Amy Fischer and Stephanie Ostler



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