We Really Do Have the Best Team!

It’s really rewarding working with people who are so enthusiastic, committed and caring. One of my staff recently shared this on Facebook and it made my heart melt!



“It’s really good working for a company I approve of on the making-end, but it’s even better hearing from a random stranger about the difference you and your coworkers can make in a person’s life.
Got chatting to a lady on the bus this evening, we were both on the way home, we both work in clothing stores, ect, but then when i mentioned I work at Devil May Wear she LIT UP and said “Oh i know devil may wear! They really helped my neice! oh maybe it was you! A young woman there taught her all about the fit and proportion that works for her specifically, are you the manager?” And I said no that’s Erin Gravelle and yes she knows a lot about styling and is a great teacher and she said her neice loves us and feels more comfortable and confident with her body/clothes now.
It was a really great reminder that i dont just “work in a clothing store” but that I do take pride in my job and have the privilege of working with an amazing team of people! “


Erin Gravelle, Astrid Jackson

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