Time for a Little Change!


This July will be our 4 year anniversary as part of the Fan Tan Alley family and we’re celebrating in a weird way… With a closing sale! The past four years in Fan Tan Alley have been wonderful! We have worked with amazing people, socialized with fantastic neighbors and made tons of new friends.









It seems like yesterday we were setting that little store up. It was our first experience having a second location and it was a great time! When I visited to bring new stock and check up I loved taking the ferry to work, for the most part, I called it my yacht to work. And it was a tough decision because we love that little location so much. The alley is a really special and unique place and it felt like such an honor to be a part of it but we have decided for the sake of doing bigger and more exciting things we needed to make the hard choice. Amongst our priorities are relaunching the online store which will feature nearly every product we carry in our stores, focusing on our Granville Island and Main Street locations to give our customers a more interactive and lively experience, and maybe to bring Devil May Wear to new cities and neighborhoods. We’re growing up and sometimes the growing pains are tough.





There’s going to be a lot of packing up and moving things back to Vancouver to do at the end of this journey and so we are offering a fantastic sale on EVERYTHING in the store!!!

Starting June 23rd – July 13: 20% off of all regular priced items and an additional 10% off of all marked down items. **This includes underwear, tights and jewelry, three things you’ll rarely see us put on sale if ever! During this time all sales are totally final, we will not be punching discounted underwear on punch cards, there will be no gift certificates for sale, and we won’t be transferring any stock from Vancouver to Victoria except for full price. If you have gift certificates or full underwear punch cards we will be redeeming them but don’t worry! We will be accepting them as always in our Vancouver locations without interruption. The sale is exclusive of all other sales and discounts. This sale is only available in store in Victoria and not in any of our other locations, online or by telephone. This sale is for the purpose of moving less stock from Victoria to Vancouver and there will be no exceptions to that. **


Then July 13th until our LAST DAY on July 23rd: 30% off of all regular priced items and an additional 20% off of all marked down items. **With all the above restrictions**

Don’t worry! We’re not going anywhere! We’re still making fabulous lingerie, adorable dresses, luxurious linens and vibrant hand knits as always and hopefully only improving our provisions with more focus!











If you have any questions about this sale or would like to inquire further, please get in touch with us by emailing devilmaywear@gmail.com.

It’s been a pleasure Victoria! Till we meet again!



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