Updos for saying I Do!

It’s that time of year when the flowers are blooming and the sun shines more frequently than rainy days. It’s all magical and fresh out there. The perfect time for a wedding! To be prepared, I have enlisted the help of some amazing friends to model for me to create some romantic up do’s for the attentive and ready for anything bridesmaids in your bridal party.

My goal was to be simple, elegant, and to do these looks with as little hairspray as possible. We all have very different hair textures, lengths and colours. Using the amazing hair accessories from Devil May Wear, they really do take your hair to that next level.

Hair do feature image
Swans on the Lake hair pins (x3 in each look) Brass with Beads. Wire wrapped. $12 each. Irina, Alexis, Carol, and I have very different hair, but this simple braided look is perfect of all types! Especially if you want all of your bridesmaids to have the same look.

Alexis is sporting the ever elegant and classic French Twist with the Caesar Laurel on Brass Comb accessories. She has a short bob hair style that makes this look effortless to create. The combs are $22 each.

Carol has very long and thick hair, so a wrapped, braided bun updo suited her gorgeous natural features. To get that next level look I added the Desert Rose Bronze twisted bobby pin made with Swarovski crystal and yellow turquoise stone on a brass pin, $9.50, along with the Wanda twisted bobby pin made with a Swarovski pearl and crystal, $8.50.

I created this elegant low side bun look on myself using the glamorous Flora Floral bobby pin x3. I have thick smooth hair, so by leaving my hair in a braid the full day and night before, the soft waves make this look crazy easy to do. Done in 5 minutes! These pins are made with a recycled satin layered flower and a rhinestone cabochon centre on a silver plated bobby pin, $14 each.

Our stunning Irina is suited so perfectly for this 60’s inspired half up beehive look. With thick darker hair, the May Flower sets x3 were the exact thing to add to this magical look. May flowers come in sets of 2 for $12 each. Made with vintage flowers, Swarovski crystal centres on a silver plated bobby pin.

Have fun with accessories this season for your own updos or for that special day where these beautiful hairstyles will keep your bridesmaids happy and comfortable all day and night!

If you have any questions about how I created these looks, check out all of them by searching on Youtube! The “easy hair styles” tutorials are very easy to follow and create on yourself or add to the portfolio of inspiration!



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