Why bother?



I just had an interesting conversation with a few customers; talking about educating people on purchases, buying quality and taking care of their garments. It went in a direction briefly this subject rarely goes in with clients where I said,

“I am in a difficult situation trying to pay rent in Vancouver. But when a customer is unsure of a purchase the only ethical thing I can say is, ‘ maybe you should think about it.’ because my investment into running a company isn’t about putting dollars in the bank , it’s an investment into the future of the planet we live on and the communities we engage in. I just think that’s so much more important. And when I am no longer investing in that there’s no longer a reason, I feel, for me to run this business.”

And now I just feel a big YESSSS! inside and wanted to share with everyone. It may not be a wealthy business decision but it’s the only one I can abide personally.

Thank you to everyone who really cares! It takes baby steps but all the money in the bank won’t buy one happiness when there is no livable planet on which to spend ones wealth. Keep the world beautiful, livable and lovable!


xo- Stephanie (owner)




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