The Shaman Top

I was so in love with this top I took it home right as it came into the shop! I knew right away I needed to see how many different ways I could wear it and how many different things I have already to wear it with! So here is my week of outfits in the Shaman top!


100% Cotton – wide tank – fit and flare silhouette – Zip up back for easy dressing and undressing – the pattern sits differently on each top, so you really get that unique item.

Shaman Top Outfit Day 1
Day 1 – Bamboo pencil skirt with bright short cotton cardigan.
Shaman Top outfit Day 2
Day 2 – Black skinny jeans, DMW Rewind Rayon from bamboo/cotton long sleeve underneath.
Shaman Top outfit Day 3
Day 3 – Top worn unzipped and tied in the back with high rise, wide leg jeans and the Aurora Bolero from DMW.
Shaman Top outfit Day 4
Day 4 – Worn backwards and tied in the front, bamboo sheath dress underneath with a cropped jean jacket.

There are so many other outfits I can think of as well, but this is what I wore this week! For more ideas, be sure to check out the style blog (already posted) about the Barcelona top in 100% Viscose.

Let us know how you like to wear it too in the comments or post pics on FB or Instagram with the hashtags #devilmaywear #shamantop #barcelonatop



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