The Barcelona Top

This seasons weather can be so unpredictable. To be prepared to move from season to season, we have the perfect top! The Barcelona top is made with 100% Viscose (plant base fibre to emulate silk) in a wide tank, fit and flare style. The zipper up the back makes dressing and undressing very easy as there is minimal stretch in the material. Light, breathable and beautifully draping, this top can go from casual to formal with a few easy steps! Also made perfectly functional for traveling to hot climates with minimal wrinkling. The black and white print throws me back to the time when we dressed for the occasion, whatever it may be, in a Casablanca-esque feel. So classic!

I have put a few top halves of outfits together for your idea generating pleasure, and I’m sure there are many more ideas on how to wear it and what to wear it with to come! Take a look;

Not into the black and white thing and need a punch of colour for the season?

The same style of top comes in a psychedelic colour explosion of amazingness in the Shaman top, in 100% cotton.

Stay tuned for our next blog to see how our Lead Stylist Erin has worn it for 4 days!


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