The Evolution of the Eco Bralete

Our eco braletes are made from the off cuts of our line production. Meaning we use all of our materials, all of the scraps, to create new products like the eco braletes and eco brief underwear.

Here is a little peak into our method of production;

Evol. of eco bra origional copy

Cut and Sew – This process happens in our designer’s studio where she uses an amazing set of tools including a mechanical cutter for the fabric, industrial and domestic sewing machines.

Transported to Shop – Once they are sewn, they will stay at our 21st ave shop or be brought to the Net Loft location for the next step. It all depends on how much we need to process.

Clipped – All threads are clipped with a clipping tool by anyone working in the shop that day or on multiple days, depending on quantity of items to be clipped. Quality check happens at the same time.

Tagged – Tags are printed and attached to each item once they are clipped.

Distributed and Displayed – Once they are at this stage, items are ready for distribution to all 3 of our shops. Our stylists display them to the best advantage for trying on and sales!

We will see you all soon for trying on the most comfortable bralete you have ever worn!


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