The importance of buying local this holiday season! (and every day!)

I’m continually struck by the amount of information about the fashion industry’s negative impact on the world. As an advocate of both social and environmental justice, I love working at Devil May Wear because it fits with my values. Just like any business, local retailers need the support of like-minded consumers so we can continue to provide you with the ethical and beautiful objects that keep your body, mind, and heart warm. In addition, there is peace of mind when you spend your money on items that have a positive effect on the world around you — and that’s not necessarily a common experience! Whether you care about the environment, the economy, or fashion (or all three), buying local is the way to go!


Environmental benefits

Local businesses have a lower carbon footprint, because they usually work with local producers, manufacturers, and distributers. This means fewer things are shipped across the globe, which burns a lot of fossil fuels. Local businesses can also make decisions about environmentally-friendly practices which are easier to implement on a small scale and can be devised to fit with the business’ location. At Devil May Wear, we are committed to sourcing textiles that are eco-friendly, including deadstock fabrics for our dresses, bamboo from family businesses in China, polyester made from recycled plastic, and Canadian-milled wool. We also deliver our products around the lower mainland using car-share programs and hybrid vehicles, greatly reducing our carbon footprint.

Economic benefits

Local businesses are more likely to spend their money locally as well. According to, for every $100 spent at a local business, $46 recirculates in the

community, compared with only $18 for multinational corporations. This leads to betterbea-post-pic-3wages, more local jobs, and stronger communities around the local business. All of our fabulous stylists and saleswomen are locals! All of DMW’s operations take place in the Lower Mainland of BC, which means that our taxes go to improving BC services like transit, parks, and community centres. We bank with a local credit union, which in turn contributes to other local businesses, non-profits, and community groups. Your choice to buy local directly improves our whole city’s stability now and in the future!

Fashion benefits

Local retailers work hard to provide customers with the best quality goods. Here at DMW, our goal is to provide long-lasting garments that are uncompromising in fit, fashion, and

Our Fearless Leader in a 10 year old DMW camisole

while remaining affordable. Our clothing is made from eco-friendly materials and because we are putting so much care into your garments, we want you to have a high quality item that will last for a long time! That’s why we put careful care instructions on all our garments, and we’re happy to talk with you about how to help your clothing last longer. You can feel good about yourself knowing you are supporting a local designer, and our stylists are happy to talk to you about how to show off your shape.

So this holiday season, as you’re wondering where to find the perfect scarf, necklace, or lingerie set for your loved one — remember to support local business!



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