Museum Of Anthropology Exhibition Opening; Layers of Influence

A few weeks ago, Astrid and I attended the opening of the Layers of Influence Exhibition at the Museum of Anthropology. It turned out to be a sensational stimulus of inspiration for us both as it became very clear early into our wandering of the exhibition that we would leave in a sensory overload of all the amazing textiles that were displayed so beautifully!!


Here are a few photos of what we found the most inspiring and beautiful. We both highly suggest that if you have even the slightest love of history of fashion/textiles, that you attend this exhibition!














After the exhibition, we explored another part of the museum, and found many more amazing textile items from the far north and south of the world!





2 thoughts on “Museum Of Anthropology Exhibition Opening; Layers of Influence

  1. That’s an absolutely fantastic museum, am I right?! Also, (and this is completely UN-related) I am uncertain RE: how much influence YELP! Reviews have in Canada; however, in the good ole’ USA, for some of us, Yelp is still basically… ‘a thing’. I may be behind the times, and all the young people are using a different review app, but Yelp is still my jam. Ergo, I left you a stellar review, because you and your crew are stellar, in my world view.

    Please, Definitely: Create/Sew/ make fashion and funky underwear for… ever!

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