Create Your Own Country Day

If you could start a country, what would you name it and why?



Stephanie Ostler- Hyperglobalmeganet and it would go real fast.





Erin Gravelle – Freefrommoneyland, there would be no money and people who lived there would do things for the betterment of their neighbour and themselves. It’s all about love people!



Bea Edilston – CASCADIA4ever. Also political boundaries make no sense and can we just rearrange all the country borders so that people can live in their traditional lands and it’s divided by landmarks like watersheds, mountain ranges, eco-zones etc.



Carly Young – Wooltopia. Everything made out of wool. Sheep, goats, llama, yak and alpaca everywhere! It would have a theme park called Sewing machine land! Looms and spinning wheels are altars of creativity!



Amanda Lee-Rose – Yourheartsdesires. A place where people could live out their desires/creative dreams without judgement or fear of failure. Trading goods and services would be encouraged. There would be copious amounts of dance offs instead of fighting.




Astrid – Dragonheim, a self governing directly-democratic social-minded colony in the mountains where dragons and humans work together for mutual benefit


Let Us Know what kind of Country you would create!


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