The Future with Devil May Wear: A Tarot Reading

With our fall theme of Tarot cards in my mind, I felt like a reading for the store was in order. We are half way through the season, and a little boost forward is definitely what the cards had in store for us.




My friend Nabil Blaeser, who is a brilliant card reader, was gracious enough to come to the shop on Granville Island to read for us. There are a lot of ways to interpret the cards and neither of us had done a reading so broad as to read for a company. There are so many ways to interpret the cards and we wanted to think outside the box! We decided to ask a few broad questions to the cards and they really spoke to that. Here is what we were able to read;



Our Questions:

  1. What can we do, or what can happen to fully realize the direction of the company?
  2. What is something we can look out for in the future?
  3. Is there anyone we should be conscious of for business advancement?

The cards:


The first card we pulled is for the present. It was the Knight of Cups. It represents the person charging forward. They have emotional strength but not necessarily stability. They are the hero figure. We decided this is Stephanie, the owner, designer and maker of Devil May Wear.


Keeping the questions in mind for the second card, we pulled the High Priestess. She represents hidden undercurrents. A potential that is hidden behind a veil. Something is about to be revealed. Devil May wear is going to be doing some big things coming up in the future!


The third card played in tandem with the second to create more of the story was the 8 of cups. The figure in the card is walking away, representing detachment. Stepping away to let things happen as they may. Let things take it’s natural course. That represented this stylist! I need to let Stephanie do what she will no matter how much I want to help, she will be laying the ground work for me to come to it at the right time.


Looking at who to watch for in the future was inspiring when the Page of Swords was laid. It represents a new player. A youthful person with and seeking knowledge. They will add to the companies collective knowledge. That was a very exciting card for the future!


In tandem with the Page, we laid the Temperance card. Meaning that the page will have the ability to create synthesis within the company. They will blend and combine things. Possibly with what we are doing and what the high priestess will reveal?


To gain more clarity on the page and the personality to look for we added a sixth card. It was the Hermit. The page will be more introverted and inward thinking. Not that they are against the grain of us extroverts that work with Devil May Wear, but more focused on internal abilities, like temperance?

It looks as though the reading told us to expect changes and keep working towards our common goals while thinking of where to go next. Nothing new for the innovative team at Devil May Wear! Having fun like this is a great way to add something different to your seasonal routines. Wether you believe in the pawer of tarot or not, it can be fun to think outside the box of what it means to read the cards. Have fun this season!

*You can follow our Friend Nabil on Instagram. Not only does he read tarot, he knits and makes amazing things too!



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