To Trend or Not To Trend? Part 2

Hair and make up is another signature of a persons style. So trend forecasting those 2 categories is a whole other playing field! For the best predictions, I always turn to Harpers Bazaar. They have lots of variety in trends for everyone to work with! Here are some of the easiest trends to follow for everyday!


Natural Curl is super encouraged right now! Makes me think how much I want curly hair sometimes! BUT, I also have the sleek and simplistic avenue that is trending as well. Small hair accessories are fun and can be professional or whimsical. They give for lots of opportunity to play! Use what you have and keep it simple! What an easy trend to follow!


Natural eyes with a old lip is now in it’s 3rd year of fall trends! Not for everyone, but a fun remedy for needing an outfit pick me up for those “going out” nights! The opposite can be said as well for trending this season. Doing a bold eye and a natural lip. Coloured eye liner is big playground and can be a really fun experience for anyone! Have fun with it. Play. Feel fabulous!

No matter the trends, do what feels good for you. We are in this really cool time in the fashion world where almost anything goes! Trends will always be predicted and I personally with always wear what I think suits me and what I feel good in! Trends can be a fun jumping off point. Some seasons I feel like I’m ahead of the times and others I am still playing catching up. No matter what, make your look your own! See you all this Fall!

Source: for hair. for make up.



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