To Trend or Not to Trend? Part 1

This season there is a lot to think about now that anything goes as to your style and fashion choices! It can seem a bit overwhelming and ambiguous. I decided we needed a report on the Fashion Trends of Fall 2016 and offer my two cents on what Devil May Wear has in store for this Fall Season!

Let’s first look at colour, or what we in the fashion world like to call the Pantone of the season. This stylist is particularly excited about the blues, reds and greens! The grey (or “sharkskin”) is a great neutral to mix with pops of pink and yellow. Rust is “in” in a big way!


Many of these colours we at Devil May Wear offer already and will be offering over the course of the season. Warm taupe, for example, is something Devil May Wear has offered for 2 years. It feels so good to be ahead of the fashion curve! Your favourite colour is not in this season’s pantone? no worries! Do what feels good for you. That’s a part of making it your own style.

Secondly, I like looking at the silhouettes and textures that we are to be expecting. Everyone will look different no matter the style, but it is good to see what you might want to change a bit or stick with. Here is what the Runway of New York has predicted vs. what DMW is;

The fur, Turtlenecks under dresses, Bold prints and chocker necklaces are all things that this stylist have been wearing for a few years now. Devil May wear has not said yay or nay for these trends as of yet, but always keep on the lookout! The season is still young!

*Note; In the trend photo’s and in the Devil May Wear pics, there are pockets! Pockets in women’s clothing is a huge trend we can all get on board with! There are different types of pockets for different bodies so it should be a lot of fun finding to right ones for you!

Stay tuned for Part 2!











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