Customer Service Week

So you walk into an interest peaking shop and the sales associate behind the counter says;

“Hi there, How are you today?”

The shopping experience has begun. It is the start of every conversation for we who work in the store. We carry it out every single day! We say hello to every person who walks into our work space we so intimately know. We want you to feel like you have been seen and that we will take care of your shopping needs that day, and for many more visits that you will have with us.

This week is Customer Service Week.

We at Devil May Wear are committed to giving the most above and beyond service to our clientele. For those of you who already shop with us, you know that we strive to make it feel like you are coming over to a friends space. We want to be warm and welcoming and inclusive. We want to educate and inform, so it goes without saying that we know our product so well that we emote information off our sleeve like we were born knowing it. It is important to us to have a meaningful conversation with any who are open to it. We are professionals who adhere to policies we think are fair and make sense. It is important to have guidelines. It is a “give and take” relationship.

Thank You!

We want to say thank you to our customers for the amazing ride we are on and for the ride to come! When you head out to go shopping this week, be sure to thank your customer service representatives that work so hard to make sure that you have a shopping experience is everything you need it to be!


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