Thoughts on: Compliments from Strangers

Outfit Today.

So I was on the Sky Train this morning, as I am most mornings when I am on my way to Granville Island to work in the Net Loft Shop. As I move from one end of the train to the other in order to be in the optimal spot to exit when I get to my stop, I received three separate compliments on my style and/or outfit that I was wearing.

It got me to thinking that for a lot of people, including myself, it is really hard to accept a compliment sometimes. Especially when you are not expecting one. So I though I would share my go to responses to compliments from strangers to alleviate some anxiety that some of us feel when engaging in public activities, like transit.


  1. Accept the Compliment. I realize that we may not always believe we are worthy of compliments, but we must be mindful to accept kindness when it is offered. The person complimenting you has seen something of interest or beauty or joy and wish to express this observation makes them happy. A change of perspective and change your day!
  2. Say “Thank You”. It is important to acknowledge the kindness being bestowed.
  3. Return the Compliment. Try to find something that you like about the person who has given the compliment so that you can return a compliment. I try to be honest with actually liking something that I would compliment. Example; “I like your shoes too!” Return the kindness.

*If I cannot find something I would compliment on quickly, I will start the conversation of where I got certain items I am wearing and while doing so it leaves time for me to seek something to compliment them on.

It is as easy as that. Don’t over think it. Be honest. Be grateful. Be kind. Be you!

you are beautiful.jpg





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