Catching Up with Tyra!

It is hard to believe that it has been six months since our girl Tyra left us to start a new journey, so naturally we are thrilled that she is back in Vancouver for a short while. I have caught up with her to talk about being her own designer in a new stage of life and moving forward in business and design as she tackles it head on!

What is your Favourite part about being a designer?

Organic creation to gain the experience to see what works and what does not.


Describe for me what your method of design is. What inspires you?

I look at everything for inspiration. Anything from a texture or print of a fabric that is quirky or interesting to the way a tree moves in the wind. All of these can trigger an obsession to create. My mind will fixate until that thing comes to actualization. When I think of something I have to make it right away or the obsession is sometimes hindering.  Whenever I look for inspiration it never comes. It has to happen organically and with no intention.


How has your work and how you present it evolved?

I used to hide it a lot. I would deny making something for fear of feeling like it was not good enough. Now I catch myself and challenge myself to DO and SHOW. I try really hard not to listen to that negative voice. So I feel more confident in showing my work now on Social media and by word of mouth.

Do you work mainly with one collection in mind or does each piece say something different?

Recently has been more of a collection mentality. I usually later realize that certain things I have designed fit together in what you would call a collection. I have decided to work with plus size designs, sizes 10-20, and it has been an amazing narrative to play with.

Who inspires you most in how you design, in your style and in fashion?

I feel like I need my Instagram feed for this one…lol…Anna Hicks is a big inspiration right now with her amazing quilt work. It is really whatever I find interesting on social media when I’m cruising around. I love things that are simple, chic and modern. Clean lines. I love the avant guard but approachable.

Materials? What do you prefer to use for textiles and why?

Natural fibres. Linen, silk, Marino…things that will last and give you a long and comfy like in them. They are the fabrics that age well and are durable.

Sustainability is so important in todays world. What methods do you use to be as sustainable and Eco friendly as possible? IN style and in designing?

I really try to use everything, including all of the left over scraps and odds and ends that most designers won’t use because they are not all the same. I challenge myself to create things out of the scraps. Accessories, bags, pins…etc. I use a lot of dead stock fabric. Working with Devil May Wear for the last 7 years has shown me what it can mean to be a small business and use everything to make sure nothing is wasted.


You are a very active person with hiking, travel and many fun adventures. How do you keep balance between those things and designing and sewing work?

I’m not working for anyone but me right now so that is a big help. It is easier to let the creative side take over. Over time I have gotten better at saying NO to things and catching myself to consciously create balance.

Collaboration. Is it something you would want to try in the future, or are you happy keeping things your own?

Well, I would love to eventually have my own company and have all of the production done with skilled labour. So collaboration is always a key aspect of that. I like the designing, pattern drafting and sampling. I would love to be the master of all I survey. But at the same time working with another designer to create a unique look is always a good idea! I love being around other creative people and seeing our different skills come together. It’s really good to see things from another perspective sometimes too.


What are your plans for the next year?

My partner and I are moving to Germany. So that is an exciting enterprise. I will still be developing my style and my line of clothing when we are there. I would love to gain some more experience in a different atmosphere, so getting a part time job in a studio or factory would be great. We shall see. It is a new beginning! We right now are planning on being there for a year.


To keep up with Tyra you can follow her on Instagram; @tictactyra

Her Etsy site will be up soon as well, so you can google her anytime to check on her progress.

Erin, Your Devil May Wear Stylist
Erin, Your Devil May Wear Stylist



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