It’s All in Your Head!

Most of us innately know what looks good on us based on colour, fit, proportion and style. But did you know that we are all 7 heads tall of our own heads measurement? As a stylist, I am constantly having the internal questioning when trying on clothing as to “does this hit where it should to show best advantage?” So by using this 7 head rule, I feel like I now have this layering thing on lockdown!

Head RuleHere is the breakdown;

  1. From your hair line at the top of your face is the start and it goes to the bottom of your chin. You start measuring from where your neck attaches to your body. That allows for the hairline to the top of your head. By starting this way, you have more accurate positioning of your lines.
  2. Second head usually hits at mid bust for most of us! Mine is a bit lower as my bust is high on my body. *We want necklines and jewelry to hit at the start of the head, 1/4, half way, 3/4 and right at again.
  3. Waistlines are really important for knowing what will be a good rise in pants and where waistbands in skirts and dresses should hit. My optimum waist line is a half head between 2 and 3.
  4. Crotch is usually right at the next head length. Mine is a little higher, just like my bust line. This is usually the widest point, or in my case the half head is the widest. We want to have things just above or below this marker to elongate the legs!
  5. Now we move into to hem lines and tunic lengths. Mid thigh or just above the knee is the point. Remember 1/4, half way or 3/4.
  6. Usually hitting mid calf, this is good for more hem lines and Capri lengths.
  7. Right at the ankle. Pant hems for cigarette or slim legs are great right at this head.
  8. There is a half head left for the foot. Jeans and formal pant hems are great for the true 1/4, half and 3/4 lengths here.

With anything new that comes to our shops weekly, I try things on and use the head rule for deciding what size I should be getting! Also to gage what would look great on all of you! Here is a recent comparison I did with the New pocketed sweater made with wool and viscose! This stylist is heading home with the large!

Till next time!

Erin, Your Devil May Wear Stylist


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