Women’s Equality Day

Do we celebrate today or do we keep our fighting faces on for the future challenges for women’s equality in all aspects of life? BOTH! Maybe with a bit more celebrating than the latter!

The history of women in fashion and textiles is one of consistent struggle, even in today’s world. All the way back to ancient times, women were deemed only able to contribute by working in textiles and it was always under the control of men. The wage gap was wide and to make a living was very hard.

With our fighting faces and strong backs we broke out and demanded equality for work and pay. Some amazing steps have been taken to accommodate the demand of equal work equal pay and opportunities to prove ourselves in the workplaces that have traditionally been a man’s world. We have had successes and keep on pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable work for a woman vs a man.


The war of the sexes has been an ever present stigma in all types of work places. The textile industry being the leader, in the opinion of some, for making equality if not female domination a reality!

Devil May Wear is an all female company! Not to say that gentlemen of talent and education are not welcome, it is that women are more comfortable buying female garments from other women. Retail is a type of sisterhood with a trust that is not found with the opposite sex. We rise to the challenge of making women feel amazing in their own skin and in our clothing. The owner and commandant of production is an inspiring woman who has, at a young age, made a living and a comfortable, safe place for her employees to have amazing careers as well.


She is not the only one to be doing this either. In Vancouver, there are many companies that have either all or mostly female employees in various management or front of house positions. Plum, Nicole Bridger and many others have become local beacons for women’s equality.

So on this day of World Women’s Equality, let’s celebrate the sisterhood and solidarity we all create with each other and continue to push the boundaries of gender equality!!

Erin, Your Devil May Wear Stylist



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