Fall is coming… And you’re going to love it!

Photos by Amy Fischer   Model  Chelsea Lorenz
It’s that time of year again. Summer hasn’t yet sung its swan song but fall is arriving in the stores. Don’t loose hope yet! There’s still some warm weather to enjoy on the way but fall is my favourite season for fashion.
Texture and layering play a big part in this season giving way to lots of personal creativity and adornment. Recently I have been inspired by the unseen, the intangible, the Dao and the other side of the veil. For fall/winter 2016/17 I enjoyed expressing the melding of spirit and life, lucid dreaming and the magic of mathematics. Represented with linen prints, lines, bamboo in electric colour and weightless structures I think you are really going to enjoy integrating these pieces into your wardrobe mixing in your timeless classics. I am going big on layering because not only is it a style choice but a matter of comfort as we go from the dog days of summer into the dead of winter. Don’t hold back, wear things your own way, mix and match jewelry and accessories, layer up your tights and thigh highs and try something new!


As per usual we are releasing fall slowly and hope to have new styles every few days  for your enjoyment but keep an eye out for the new underwear colours and jewelry styles which enhance this clothing collection. Come touch and be inspired by the hand spun hand knit marvels, the softness of angora and cashmere, the drape of alpaca, the warmth of wool.


I say it every season but this one is so far the best!
XoXo your energetic designer, Stephanie Ostler



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