Happy BC Day!



BC Day

Happy BC Day! AKA the last day of Vancouver’s Pride weekend.


(Morgane Oger wearing custom Devil May Wear for Pride)

Here at Devil May Wear, we are feeling pretty grateful for the way BC has been treating LGBTQ* folks recently. Only a week ago, the BC government introduced a bill to add gender identity and expression to the Human Rights Code for the province, thanks in large part to our friend and tireless trans activist Morgane Oger. Morgane was also the Marshall for this year’s Pride Parade, and was wearing a dress custom made by Devil May Wear’s owner and seamstress Stephanie Ostler. We’ve also seen some of DMW’s lacy underthings and sparkly Pride undies around town this weekend!


(photo c/o jaynavz)

The Pulse nightclub shootings show us that North American society still has a long way to go in terms of acceptance and justice, and the work of Black Lives Matter gives us the inspiration for creating a more inclusive and aware society here in BC. We still have a lot of work to do and a long way to go, but today, we would like to celebrate a province that is taking steps forward to become more equitable and welcoming for all people.

BeaBea, your DMW stylist



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