Wardrobing with Erin; Part 3

In the event that you are lucky enough to go away for more than a month, the final modular wardrobe is for you! Also if you have minimal closet space and want everything to go together, I highly recommend this module.

The 4+4+4 consists of 4 over pieces, 4 bottoms and 4 tops to create a total of 40 outfits! Again keeping in mind that you want each top to fit nicely under each over piece while still being able to wear it on its own with each bottom.


This module allows for a bit more creativity with pairing pattern, colour and texture to be matching or in contrast. It is good to keep a consistent colour throughout or style of garments similar to have a polished put together look. Any outfit can change in an instant with different accessories, so have fun a play lots with them!

I use this module as my base to branch out from for my 1+2+3 and 3+3 modules.  When closet space is minimal keep modules in mind while shopping. It keeps things organized and always seems to keep from going over the clothing budget every month.

A complete wardrobe should have the mix of all modules with a few extra special pieces that can float in between them all. Have fun with it! Don’t think so hard about it. Make it your own. We are always around at Devil may Wear to help you with your styling needs!

Erin, Your Devil May Wear Stylist
Erin, Your Devil May Wear Stylist

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