Can’t get enough of those Zebras!

At a meeting last week I saw a sneak peek of a new top our designer was making for the shop and was instantly smitten! The fabric was fuchsia pink and had little zebras all over it! I knew instantly that I had to have one of whatever that was being made into! The fabric was used to create the classic 3/4 length circle neck tee shirts as well as a racer back tank top. Both are accented with our black Rayon from bamboo and cotton blend fabric. In classic Erin style, I made my way to our 21st and Main Street location where Stephanie was yesterday and we had an impromptu photoshoot! Here are a few of the fun, hilarious and beautiful shots we got! (I took the Tank top home with me of course!)

Cheeky 1940’s style anyone?
Wearing the Eco bra for another pop of colour!!
Devil May Wear is #1!
Laughter makes the heart grow fonder!
Laughter is the best Medicine!
Erin, Your Devil May Wear Stylist
Erin, Your Devil May Wear Stylist


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