Therapeutic Pottery Anyone?

Creativity as an outlet is a wonderful thing, there’s something very healing and therapeutic about working with your hands when all is not well in your mind, (go bake a loaf of bread next time you’re angry, kneading dough is really good for the soul!), and anxiety was beginning to rear it’s ugly head when my friend Katrina put out the call on Facebook that a pottery class she had lined up for that evening needed more bodies, Corrine needs a minimum of six for the class. It only costs $35, all materials supplied, and there will be wine!

Other than the odd elementary school art project I’d never really dabbled with clay, I’m more of a textile girl. But with promises of wine and playing with a new medium off I went with $35 in my pocket and a bottle of wine in my purse carly pottery 4because more wine is never a bad thing. I got there at 7pm, and didn’t know anyone in the room besides Katrina, I found out we were building our piece and not throwing on a wheel (next time!) and everyone was making mugs. I’m pretty picky about my coffee mugs so I decided to make a bowl using a metal mixing bowl as a mold.

carly pottery 5Corrine is showing us techniques, and she’s really in to texture. There are all kinds of tools, stamps, and even fabric for pressing in to the wet clay. I looked over at my purse and the corner of my knit scarf sticking out… AND I HAVE A PLAN!

My mother’s birthday is coming up, and I knit her a scarf for Christmas once with the same stitch pattern, so she’s going to get a bowl with a knitted inside!

I flattened my clay, grabbed a heavy rolling pin, stretched my scarf out and rolled it right in to the wet clay. After peeling my now slightly greyer scarf off I gently placed the clay, knit side down, over the bowl and gently formed it to shape. After drying it a bit with the heat gun I eased the bowl out and gave the bowl a trim around the edge and smoothed it with water.

Corrine will dip it in the glaze I chose once it’s dry, and fire it for me. It was a wonderful evening, I met some amazing people, we had wonderful conversations and shared ideas, we drank wine and got dirty, it was a perfect evening and exactly the sort of reset my brain needed. With the added bonus of having to wash my scarf after so I finally blocked it. I’m notorious for finishing the knitting and considering things done, and blocking really does make a difference!

Moral of the story is to think outside the box of what you normally do when feeling that brain fog going on. Who knows…maybe you will find a new girl gang to join? Happy crafting!

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 5.44.46 PM
Carly, Your Devil May Wear Stylist








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