Mother’s Day Staff Stories

With Mother’s Day right around the corner we asked each other what funny stories we had with our moms from past mother’s days. Here are a few of them;

Carly (Manager, Victoria, Fan Tan Alley)

“There was that time Cameron came in at 6:30 in the morning and delivering what I thought was coffee… it was a root beer float with gummy worms on top. Which made for an interesting first sip of coffee when I decided I was awake enough for it at 7!!”

Veronica (Stylist, Vancouver Main Street)

“A week before Mother’s Day my lovely mother realized a squirrel was trapped in the plastered off section of my closet…so after hearing it run around she sledgehammered it open at 3am. I woke up to a squirrel inches away from my face later that morning…….I gave my mother a pair of devil may wear earrings that year!”

Erin (Manager, Granville Island, Net Loft)

“It has been tradition for the past few mother’s days that I will send my mother an article of clothing that is the same as what I have. So we become connected through wearing the same thing  because we live on opposite ends of the country. It isn’t a Mother’s Day unless we are twins! (which isn’t hard to do since we look alike as well!)”


Stephanie (Owner)

” One time when my brother and I were little, my parents were watching tv after Mother’s Day dinner, we decided to be helpful so we pulled up chairs to the kitchen sink and attempted to wash the dishes with a bar of hand soap. I am sure my parents were thrilled!”

Astrid (Stylist, Vancouver Main Street)

“I used to make her, (my mother) ridiculous really sweet breakfasts in bed (like banana slices arranged in flower shapes with chocolate chips and sprinkles for decoration) because thats what I would want! It was years before she told me she doesn’t actually like sweet things in the morning.”

Have a happy and fun Mother’s Day!

Love the Devil May Wear Girls!



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