Eco Fashion Week Spring 2016; Night 2

With a later start to the evening, Steph and I were only lucky enough to see the last show of the night which saved the best for last! Fashionably clad in our own designs, we walked into the show room with the runway ready for live music and full of wonder at what was about to happen!

The Prophetik collection by Jeff Garner began in a mood setting musical interlude pulling feelings of nostalgia and a love for the good old american old rock. With the overall vibe set, the first model came out in a romantic white 1900’s old west inspired gown holding a stunning lace parasol. From then on it was a beautiful display of equestrian riding styles of the old west styled to have a modern flare. Every piece was created from either recycled or sustainably made fabrics and had a very earthy and soft worn texture to the pastel and bold earth tone colours. The live music throughout had a wonderfully fun ambiance which concluded the shows for the week in a dance party on the runways with all of the show attendees! It was a blast!

Over all it is the humble opinion of this stylist blogger that Eco Fashion Week is amazing! It is a passionate group of people with the common goal of integrating sustainability, recycling and environmentally friendly practices into the fashion world. I had more fun that at VFW even! It is an open environment to feel free to talk to anyone about anything fashion related and get in on the Eco fashion scene in Vancouver! Till next time!

Erin, Your Devil May Wear Stylist
Erin, Your Devil May Wear Stylist



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