Eco Fashion Week Spring 2016: Night 1

Monday, April 11th started a beautiful few days of amazing style and fashion on the runway at Eco Fashion Week held at the Fairmont Hotel. Stephanie and I had a ball mingling and hobnobbing with all of the beautiful people there. The first night is always exciting to see what the attendees are wearing and to reacquaint ourselves with others in the industry.

The first show we had the pleasure of seeing was from 3 Stylists with the challenge of working on a budget of $500 to put out a full fashion line. The colours, styles and overall mood were very different from each other and truly reflected each individuals styles.

Nathalie Rees showed a line that was simple, young, fun and flirty. She mixed a lot of neutrals and played up textures. Jason Pillay threw a neon colour explosion of bold fun styles and textiles from leather to fur to linen and cotton. Nadia Albano mixed a little bit of whimsical and subdued in an every day style using bold accessories on classically fit and tailored garments.

This challenge struck me as a wonderful project to try someday! As a stylist, it was really refreshing to see not only designers showing on a runway, but stylists. Thanks for the inspiration EFW!

After a short intermission, we were seated for the 81 Pound Challenge. Students in the design program at Visual College of Art and Design (VCAD) were challenged to use 81 pounds of clothing from Value Village to create a cohesive and original clothing line. They did not disappoint! The 8 design students pulled out the fanciful in a 20’s inspired great Gatsby feeling black white and gold extravaganza! The lines however simplistic, looked intriguing with sparkle, pattern, texture and beautiful craftsmanship in the construction of each garment. VCAD is the only design school that has sustainability build into the curriculum. It shows a great start to a changing atmosphere in the fashion world to move towards making the world better for the future instead of destroying it for self beauty rather than world beauty! This stylist has her eyes on this program for sure!

It was a great night of observing a very obvious passion for making clothing from reworked, recycled and reused garments.

To be continued;

Erin, Your Devil May Wear Stylist
Erin, Your Devil May Wear Stylist

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