Wayne Wiens : April Fools Erotic Art

Our Dear Friend Wayne Wiens has done it again. Only Wayne could take a beautiful woman and some amazing hand made underwear from Devil May Wear and make photos this spectacular!

“I have always had an interest in taking photos of the natural world and of people. I find them both beautiful. My photography is focused on the rituals of human activity and on the rhythms of nature.” (Wayne Wiens)


“In that time (50 years), I have learned that good photography requires the right light and a good eye. Luck is frequently a factor as well. But more important than all is one’s interaction with the subject.” (Wayne Wiens)


Check out his amazing photographic work in Fan Tan Alley this month for Erotic Art Walks until April 3oth.

To find out more about Wayne by checking him out here;


And here;


As well as here;


 Wayne’s Head shot by Katie Huisman


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