5 Hairspray Free Hairstyles for Work (and how to wear them)

In our collective quest to look amazing while caring for ourselves and the planet, hairspray (and styling products in general) can be a sticking point. Firstly, from the contents to the packaging, hair fixative is not known for it’s environmental friendliness, so cutting it out or reducing it’s use is desirable from that angle. Secondly, washing our hair every day not only uses an unsustainable amount of clean water, it’s really bad for our hair and the natural oils on our skin, but leaving hairspray or gel in overnight can result in some pretty terrible gluey messes.
So what do we do? If we want to ditch the hair products but also want a hairstyle beyond “I brushed it” or “ponytails are a hairstyle right?” Step One is get creative! Step Two is choose hairstyles that are still cute/pretty/badass if they get a little windblown. (step three is a secret but, if the floofs are REALLY bothering you, a small dab of Aloe goes a long way towards smoothing and doesn’t need to be shampooed out at the end of the day).
Without Further Ado here are 5 simple styles which don’t require product, as well as 2 outfit suggestions each! Let us know what variations you come up with!

Style One: Sleek and Modern
This style is great for when you have to look put together in a hurry!
Hair Time: 2-5 minutes


Style Suggestions:


Style Two: Pretty in Pirate
This is a good one for adding some character and some colour, as well as for disguising an uncooperative hair day.
Hair Time: 2-5 minutes


Style Suggestions:

Style Three: Wistful Wanderer
My favourite thing about this style is that it probably looks even better if it gets a little windblown!
Hair Time: 5-7 minutes


Style Suggestions:

Style Four: Dragon Queen
Maybe I’ve been watching a little too much of a certain show that’s back on the air soon, but I could theoretically call it research for excellent hair ideas.
Hair Time: ~ Half an hour, give or take depending on how fast you braid.


Style Suggestions:

Style Five: Shield Maiden
A badass half-up hairdo, this vikings-inspired style has the poof (yay!) without the hairspray or backcombing (boo) usually required.
Hair Time: 10 minutes


Style Suggestions:

Whatever the inspiration, play and have fun with your hair in a natural state, no chemicals needed! Share with us your versions of these styles or share your own ideas! Till next time!

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