The Seasonal Closet Purge

Is it that time of year already? I guess it is because the warmer weather, the start of blooming foliage and sunlight later in the day brings the mood to start my seasonal closet purge. It is a daunting task for most of us and I am no exception to that feeling. It starts for me with the knowledge that I don’t have to toss everything I don’t want to have in my closet. I can rework through tailoring, donate or save a few things for clothing swap parties I do with friends. There is very little I will toss out completely. There is always another use if I am not going to be wearing it anymore.

I have recently gone through my closet and found a few items that I will keep in storage for another year and a few that I will be donating and a few that have lived and died through years of love. I have a fairly minimalist wardrobe to begin with as my space dictates how much I can fit in it, but it is always a good idea to check your inventory no matter your wardrobe size.

So to start, I lay everything out on the bed in neat piles of colours. That is one of the best ways to see everything. I go through each pile and if it has holes or needs some de-pilling it goes into a laundry bin to go through for a second time later.

erin closet blog 1

Second, I start creating outfits. I put one over piece with a few tops and two different bottoms that will work all together and separately. These little modules make it easy to keep a cohesive look to your style. I repeat colours, silhouettes, patterns and lengths within each module.

Anything that is left over from the modules is looked at and I ask myself a few questions;

  • Do I want to wear this item this season? If yes, what do I want to wear it within my modules, or should I put items on a shopping list to make it its own module? If no, do I want to keep if for another year ( it then goes to storage) or do I want to pass it along to someone else (so donating it or keeping separate for clothing swaps).
  • Does it work for my style this season?
  • Does it fit me?

Lastly, I hang everything that needs to be hung and fold things that need folding and organize it in my closet. ( I change how it is organized all the time, but that is for another blog!)

erin closet blog 3

This process usually only takes me a few hours and I try to make it a fun night with a girlfriend or two and a bottle of wine. If you are doing it on your own, play some funky music and make an afternoon or night of it! It should be a fun and inspiring task. Do what feels good. And if you are feeling overwhelmed, take a break and come back to it. Remember once it is done you will feel like taking the season head on!

We at DMW are always here to help, Good luck!

Erin, Your Devil May Wear Stylist
Erin, Your Devil May Wear Stylist



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